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Tag: Lips

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Belotero for Plumper Lips

Bigger and more voluminous lips are something many patients yearn for. And no wonder….voluminous and fuller lips can give a fresher look and a youthful, appealing overall appearance. Luckily there are many options and ways to help patients enjoy enhanced, youthful lips. This article explores how Belotero Lips is a great choice for patients interested …

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Restylane Silk vs Juvederm

Restylane Silk is a crystal clear and colorless injectable soft tissue dermal filler formulated by Q-Med, which is a subsidiary of Galderma. It consists of 20mg/ml of cross-linked and non-animal stabilized hyaluronic acid (NASHA) molecules. The resulting gel has a smooth consistency and is an ideal choice for lip enhancement. Juvederm is a brand of …

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Juvederm Voluma

Juvederm Voluma for Enhancing Lips

The lips are important for various functions, including enabling speech articulation, eating, and displaying facial expressions. The size and shape of lips are greatly influenced by one’s genetics, race, and lifestyle habits and tend to fluctuate along with the natural aging process. The reality is, not all patients are born with well-sculpted and plump lips. …

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