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Referral Program

Referral Program

Earn with the Health Supplies Plus
Referral Program

Existing Health Supplies Plus customers can earn an account credit of $399,
simply by referring a colleague to HSP.

Here's How it Works:

Refer a Colleague

Tell a colleague about HSP and suggest they register online. Or, provide your HSP account manager their contact details and we will reach out them.

Colleague Places Order

Once the person you referred opens a new account and accumulates $2,000 in successful orders placed, you are both eligible for the referral credit.

$399 Account Credit

Both you and the referred colleague will receive an automatic
$399 account credit.
It's that simple!

The $399 credit will be applied to your account immediately after the referred colleague accumulates $2,000 in successful orders. To participate, speak with your colleague and ask them to mention your name when they open their account online. If you prefer, you can tell us your colleague’s name and contact information, and we will reach out to them about setting up an account.

Recommend Multiple Colleagues for Multiple Credits

There’s no limit to $399 credits you can receive.  Every eligible referral earns you $399 account credit.

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