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Category: Saypha® (Princess)

Saypha® (Princess)

SAYPHA® VOLUME w/ LidocaineShow details

Saypha Volume with lidocaine is a gel implant that can correct deep wrinkles and add volume to facial features. It includes lidocaine to help with pain relief.

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SAYPHA® RICHShow details

Saypha Rich is an injectable gel implant that can hydrate the skin and also help reduce fine lines.

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SAYPHA® FILLERShow details

Saypha Filler is an injectable implant that can help correct moderate wrinkles and add volume to enhance lips.

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SAYPHA® VOLUMEShow details

Saypha Volume is injected into the deep layer of the skin to help restore or add volume to facial features and to correct deep wrinkles.

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SAYPHA® VOLUME PLUS w/ LidocaineShow details

Saypha Volume Plus is a dermal filler. With a high hyaluronic acid content, this skin filler lifts and provides support to dermal tissue while plumping to smooth contour irregularities. This product is formulated with lidocaine to reduce treatment discomfort.

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