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Category: Neauvia™


NEAUVIA™ Organic StimulateShow details

Neauvia Organic Stimulate is perfect for bio-stimulation and revitalization. It can also be used for the deep filling of skin depression. This includes nasolabial folds and deep wrinkles. Practitioners commonly use Neauvia Organic Stimulate in those who are suffering from the lack of skin density and volume

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NEAUVIA™ Organic Hydro Deluxe (1x1.5ml)Show details

Enriched with the innovative 3D hyaluronic acid fractional system, the formulation contains HA molecules of different weights for optimal results. The naturally occurring calcium hydroxyapatite (CAHA) is known for its stimulating effects on collagen synthesis (i.e., neocollagenesis).  Once injected, it positively impacts the flexibility and thickness of skin.

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NEAUVIA™ Organic Intense LipsShow details

Neauvia Organic Intense Lips is a cosmetic filler indicated for lip augmentation and remodeling.

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NEAUVIA™ Organic IntenseShow details

Neauvia Intense is a high-performance injectable filler made by Matexlab, an Italian pharmaceutical corporation. It is specially formulated for moderately and severely aged skin.

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NEAUVIA™ Organic Intense LVShow details

Neauvia Organic Intense LV is a dermal filler designed for moderate to severe aging skin. Consisting of hyaluronic acid, it is developed by Matexlab. Neauvia Organic Intense LV available in sterile, single use syringes. This dermal filler provides volume restoration and corrections for facial areas.

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NEAUVIA™ Organic Intense FluxShow details

Neauvia Intense Flux is an aesthetic filler consisting of hyaluronic acid. This product is indicated for deep tissue volume restoration of moderately to strongly aged skin. It is suitable for injection into the intradermal layer. Due to its viscoelastic properties, this product can correct a variety of facial concerns.

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NEAUVIA™ Organic Intense RoseShow details

This filler is commonly used for correcting soft tissues. Neauvia Organic Intense Rose is also effective in the treatment of lipodystrophy.

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NEAUVIA™ Organic Intense RheologyShow details

This formulation is particularly useful for treating difficult and specific areas.  Neauvia Organic Intense Rheology effectively corrects first signs of aging (e.g. superficial wrinkles and fine lines)

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Buy Neauvia Online

Let us tell you about Neauvia Organic which is the first filler in the world that is made using organic ingredients. These fillers are made from only the best and the purest materials to ensure your safety. Buy Neauvia online today to see the results for your patients.

Neauvia Organic contains hyaluronic acid from Bacillus Subtilis.

Here is a list of advantages of using hyaluronic acid:

  • It is pure which means that there are no side effects
  • It has a predetermined molecular mass
  • It has a long shelf life

You need to buy Neauvia online to get the best results.

Here is what the Neauvia Organic fillers have in store for your patients:

  • They are cohesive
  • They are viscoelastic
  • They give plasticity to your face

Neauvia Organic products come in a variety of products to cater to a wide range of audience.

Here are some of the benefits of using Neauvia Organic products:

  • The intense range helps in restoring the volume of the deep tissues
  • The intense lips range is designed for the augmentation of the lips
  • The intense rose range is ideal for the correction of the soft tissues
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