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Belotero for Plumper Lips
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Bigger and more voluminous lips are something many patients yearn for. And no wonder….voluminous and fuller lips can give a fresher look and a youthful, appealing overall appearance. Luckily there are many options and ways to help patients enjoy enhanced, youthful lips. This article explores how Belotero Lips is a great choice for patients interested in trying a filler for natural-looking, bigger lips.

The aging process can be very different from person to person, but we all know that aging will have an inevitable influence on our skin. The reason for this is that as we age, our body produces less collagen and elastin molecules, both of which keep the skin moisturized and firm. This decrease in collagen and elastin therefore also influences the lips, causing them to lose some of their plumpness and appear thinner over time.

Basic lip care, such as using lip balm and sun protection, to keep the thin skin of the lips hydrated, is a good start for maintaining beautiful and fresh looking lips. But for actually getting bigger lips and restoring plumpness, there are more long-lasting solutions that patients can opt for.


There are everyday care and maintenance steps patients can take in their daily lives to maintain healthy lips. For example, using an occasional lip scrub, followed by the use of a thick balm. Moisturizing lipstick and high quality lip liners can will also assist. Another solution is to use temporary lip plumpers. These make the lips swell slightly, and can be an easy way for lips to instantly appear slightly more plump.

However, if patients find that temporary lip plumpers do not make a enough of a difference, and want more dramatic and longer-lasting results, lip fillers are an excellent choice. Lip fillers are an affordable, popular and straightforward solution for lip enhancement, which do not require surgery. One of the most popular lip fillers on the market, based on the natural ingredient hyaluronic acid, is Belotero Lips.

Read on further, to see why Belotero Lips is such a popular option for enhancing lips.


Belotero is a cosmetic filler that is ideal for lip augmentation and enhancing overall lip volume. The Belotero brand offers a wide portfolio of hyaluronic acid based products, and all products are developed using Belotero’s established expertise in their field. Have a look at all of Belotero’s products here.

One of Belotero’s most popular products is Belotero Lips, a product that is divided into two complementary products – Belotero Lips Contour and Belotero Lips Shape. The two fillers complement each other, working together, so the contour fillers help to restore the outline of the lips and the shape filler provides volume. Together patients can achieve a subtle and natural lip enhancement.

Choosing Belotero as a lip filler is ideal for patients who are not looking for too dramatic a look – with an extreme departure from their natural lips. Belotero is ideal for patients who wish for a subtle lip enhancement, with a natural, healthy look.


Belotero differs from other products on the market, due to a variety of factors. The products contain lidocaine which reduces the pain level and therefore makes the process significantly less painful. Moreover, the Belotero products are combinational products, a unique method and complementary approach to lips enhancement. This approach has been developed in order to reach more natural-looking results. Belotero differs in the manufacturing process of their fillers, where they manage to produce hyaluronic acid with different densities. This allows Belotero to delivery very natural looking results.


The effect of Belotero Lips depends on the individual, and the specific skin. But on average the results vary to last between 6-12 months. Thereafter, it is completely safe to repeat the procedure.

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