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Category: Body Sculpting & Weight Loss

Body Sculpting & Weight Loss


Hyacorp MLF 2 is a sterile, clear, viscoelastic gel intended to be injected into the subcutis or supraperiosteal dermal layer. This dermal filler consists of hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin that is stabilized through a unique manufacturing process called Advanced Thixotropic Technology.

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Hyacorp MLF 1 lifts and supports various areas of the body for an enhanced, contoured look. This dermal filler gel consists of highly stabilized hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin made through Advanced Thixotropic Technology (ATT) for maximum stability and longevity in dermal tissue.

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AQUALYX®Show details

AQUALYX® is an injectable solution called Motolese’s solution which is similar to bile enzymes produced by the liver. Use AQUALYX® to help break down the walls of fat cells, with the aid of ultrasound waves, allowing the lipids to be eliminated from the body.

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ALIDYA™Show details

ALIDYA™ is a cellulite-reducing solution made of ingredients like amino acids. This solution gradually restructures adipose tissue to reduce the appearance of cellulite an improve skin texture.

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Aqualyx is a popular body sculpting injectable treatment used to help the body dissolve fat cells and flush them from the body.

HYACorp offers body implants for patients looking for non-surgical options to augment the shape of their buttocks, calves and chests.

What are fat removal products?

Injectable Fat removal products are injectable solutions formulated to dissolve body fat. Unlike invasive surgeries, these fat removal injections work to melt away fatty deposits. Also known as lipolysis, this treatment has been used for many years and continues to gain in worldwide usage.

Lipolysis helps to sculpt the patient’s body for a slimmer appearance. These injections have different formulas, ranging from deoxycholic acid, amino acids, sodium salt, and other ingredients to help facilitate the enhancement of certain areas of the body.

If your clients want to get rid of stubborn fat pockets and have been making consistent efforts to lose weight, without satisfactory result, these body sculpting products are the best way for them to reduce the amount of fat in a particular area without invasive surgery.

Why are they used?

The primary benefit of these body sculpting products is that they help smooth body areas which have been affected by stubborn fat pockets and/or cellulite. Lipolysis is often the best treatment for restoring body shape. The ideal candidate is someone who wants to remove cellulite and stubborn fat pockets.

Doctors also use these treatments to improve the appearance of the skin after liposuction, to correct lipodema, and limfoedema. This non-invasive procedure is becoming more and more popular due to its minimal side effects, and benefit for the patient. Some products in this treatment category are specially formulated to help revitalize the skin while also melting away unwanted fat pockets. In addition, because the fat is destroyed through the lymphatic system, the results have a more natural appearance.

Areas of use

Lipolysis through injection is used to dissolve stubborn fat in various areas of the patient’s body, including:

Breast area

These injections help to contour the body areas for both male and female patients. Doctors can also use this treatment to target other parts of the body, such as the upper arms, selected facial regions, and a patient’s back.

How long does it last?

Depending on the area of body being treated, the patient may require several treatments to achieve the desired results. However, the treatment is long-lasting, and can be permanent. Note that, the results can be negatively affected by weight gain.

How are they used?

All body sculpting injections should be administered by a licensed and trained medical professional. Body sculpting injectable syringes are injected directly into the fat deposits. Typically, you may use a mesotherapy process while injecting into the deep dermal layer or subcutaneous layer. Doctors may need to use pneumatic or manual lymphatic drainage. Selected injectables may require you to use an ultrasound device for optimal results.

Side Effects of Body Sculpting Products

The side effects of body sculpting products include redness, bruising, tenderness, and/or swelling, localized in the treatment area. Generally, these side effects subside within a few days. However, if they do persist, have your patient contact you.

Body sculpting products are safe and are minimally invasive. For a specific list of side effects, precautions, and contraindications,  always refer to the particular product’s leaflet. There are also needles specifically made for body sculpting. These needles are designed to make the procedure less painful for the patient, while still effectively administering the body sculpting solution.

Types of body sculpting products

Injection lipolysis solutions often include phosphatidylcholine or sodium deoxycholate.

Phosphatidylcholine plays a key role in the synthesis of leukotrienes, thromboxanes, and prostaglandins. It stimulates fat elimination by increasing the lipolysis activity within the body.

Sodium deoxycholate destroys the adipocyte cell membranes, resulting in fat cell necrosis.

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