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Frequently Asked Questions

1How can I contact Health Supplies Plus?

You can contact your account manager using the phone number or email listed at the top of this page. This information and our hours of operation can also be found below or on our Contact Us page.

2How do I order from you?

You can order from us if you are an individual or corporation licensed to handle the products being ordered. We do not sell to unlicensed individuals under any circumstances. You can contact us about the exact licensing requirements needed before proceeding with an order or visit our account registration page.

3When can I place an order?

Once your account setup is approved, you can order online anytime or over the phone during business hours. You can still create an account and place an online order as a first time visitor, but your order will not confirmed, charged or released until the account is approved by our team. If you require assistance from your account manager, he/she can be reached Monday to Friday between the hours of 9AM - 6PM EST.

4Can someone place an order on my behalf?

You can designate someone else to place orders for you at Health Supplies Plus, for example your receptionist or family member. However, you must make this request in writing. The individual or corporation associated with the Health Supplies Plus account must sign an authorization form naming the third party they authorize to order on their behalf, then send it to Health Supplies Plus by fax or email. You can contact our team to find out more details and to get a copy of the authorization form.

5When will my order arrive?

Most parcels typically ship out within 1-3 business days (Monday to Friday except for public holidays) and will typically arrive within 10-14 business days or less. If you have not received your parcel, our delivery guarantee begins after 11 business days from shipping pick-up date for undelivered cold chain items and after 21 business days from shipping pick-up date for undelivered ambient goods. This is due to the respective time that some carriers may need to deliver some orders. We reserve the right to charge the customer for any ambient goods that may be later delivered outside of this timeframe for an original order if a replacement order has already been issued and shipped out. To find out more information about your shipping time or other details please check your order tracking number or contact our team. Please note that due to COVID-19 procedures and precautions, shipping times may be affected.

6What if there is a problem receiving my order? (Order guarantee)

One of the many perks of shopping with us is that in the event where your order is not received for uncontrollable circumstances (e.g. but not limited to customs/border issues) we will re-ship the affected items to you free of charge or credit the amount to your account. Please note that this guarantee only applies to factors outside of our control and will not be applicable to orders that were not received from a manageable circumstance (e.g. but not limited to, customer not being available at shipping destination or customer did not pick up their order after agreement with shipping courier). Please contact us if you require more details about our guarantee. We reserve the right to cancel any orders/close any accounts that falsify information or demonstrate intentional abuse of this policy.

7How do you ship temperature sensitive items?

Temperature sensitive products are shipped from our warehouse using special nano-ice packaging to ensure that they arrive you in a completely usable form without any loss in quality or potency.

8Do I need to order a minimum quantity from Health Supplies Plus?

You can enjoy wholesale prices on Health Supplies Plus even if you order just one item, although you save more on larger quantities. If you order more than $250 USD, shipping is free, but if you order less, then there will be a $50 shipping fee applied to your order.

9Are products from Health Supplies Plus genuine?

Health Supplies Plus only sells genuine, original products. Each product is sent to you in its original packaging from the manufacturer, unadulterated and sealed. When your product arrives, please check the integrity of the packaging.

10Where do products on Health Supplies Plus come from?

All of our products are genuine products, sourced from many international distributors of the product manufacturers.

11What payment methods do you accept?

We currently accept American Express, Visa and MasterCard credit cards as payment methods.

12What if I am unhappy with my order?

In the unlikely event you are unhappy when initially receiving your order, please contact us within a maximum of 7 days after delivery of your order to report your issue. We will only issue a refund/replacement if your product arrived damaged beyond use; or you demonstrate that the product was not physically working when you initially tried to use it. If any of these are the case, please contact us with documents of the incident such as photos/videos and you should keep the product safely stored until we give you further instructions. If applicable to the circumstance, you can choose to either receive a replacement product or a full refund of the affected item(s). All refunds are at the discretion of Health Supplies Plus and we do not guarantee we will issue a refund in all circumstances. Please note that any product defects or ineffectiveness after being used, must be reported to us within 6 months from the date of purchase in order to receive a replacement or refund. We will not replace or refund any items with issues that are brought to our attention after this period ends. We do not accept returns, so please ensure that our shipping timelines are consulted and the products to be purchased are necessary before ordering.

13Where can I learn more about Health Supply Plus' policies?

Please read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for more information. The links to these can be found at the bottom of any page on our website. Our customer service representatives are also happy to answer any questions you may have prior to registering or placing an order.

14Do you offer any incentives for referring clients to you?

Yes we do! If you are an existing customer of ours and you refer a new client to us, we will give you $399 and the person you refer $399 in account credit that can be used towards the purchase of any product. The credit for a total of $399 will be applied to your account immediately once the person you referred accumulates $2000 in successful orders placed. To participate, talk to your colleague and ask them to mention your name when they open their account. If you prefer, you can tell us your colleague's name and contact information, and we will reach out to them about setting up an account. You can learn more details using the following link:

15Can I order if I am outside of Europe?

Yes, our products can be delivered to many countries across the globe outside of Europe. All importation and compliance with local laws and regulatory authorities are solely your responsibility.

16What if I find a cheaper price somewhere else?

We work hard to find you the cheapest prices. However, if you do find a cheaper price online, let us know and we will do our best to meet or beat that price for you. For us to verify the cheaper price, please send us recent proof of the lower price and terms of sale, such as shipping charges. Please note that we do not price match other currencies, sale pricing or tiered pricing of online competitors and will price match based on the cost of one of the item. Product being price matched must be the same (no variations on name, manufacturer, etc.) and must be in stock and available online at competitor. Kindly note that we will only price match reputable online suppliers (no brick & mortar) which is based on our discretion & information about the supplier. We may also ask for a previous purchase receipt to show proof or legitimacy of competitor.

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