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Mediderma is a collection of mesotherapy, masks and peels, designed for various age-related issues.

About Mediderma

Mediderma was established over 25 years ago, by a group of Dermatologists led by Dr. Gabriel Serrano. Dr Serrano also founded the company Sesderma Laboratories, a well-renowned skin care laboratory dedicated to the development of high quality, effective and safe skin care products, now present in more than 60 countries.

For many years, Dr. Gabriel Serrano has been involved in the development of fine skin care products, new skincare treatments and protocols to achieve healthy looking skin for men and women who want the highest quality products for their skin.

Mediderma was also the first company to globally introduce a complete range of chemical peels (GlicoPeel, MelasPeel) into the medical and professional market, over 30 years ago. Now, the Mediderma collection of products are known to be effective and indicated for almost any skin type, genders, age or condition. The successful outcomes and results of Mediderma products is reflected by continuous clinical trials worldwide, with a strong collaborative relationship with practitioners around the world.

Mediderma follows the philosophy of “listening to your skin”, with a goal to improve patient’s lives and health by promoting healthy and beautiful skin.

What is Mediderma?

Mediderma is a family of peels, masks and mesotherapy solutions specially designed to effectively address a wide variety of age-related concerns.

What products does the Mediderma collection consist of?

How much do these products cost?

  • Mediderma Argipeel AR Exfoliating Gel Peel: $79-$85
  • Mediderma Azelac RU Chemical Peel: $62-$68
  • Mediderma Azelac M Chemical Peel: $58-$64
  • Mediderma Azelac AZ Exfoliating Gel Chemical Peel: $84-$89
  • Mediderma C-DEFENSE MD C+SKIN Bright Moisturizing Cream: $43-$49
  • Mediderma C-DEFENSE MD C+SKIN Concentrate Serum: $53-$59
  • Mediderma Ferulac Classic Chemical Peel: $69-$75
  • Mediderma Ferulac Valencia Chemical Peel: $84-$90
  • Mediderma FR-ANTIOX MD Anti-Pollution Concentrate Serum: $60
  • Mediderma FR-ANTIOX MD Anti-Pollution Protect Cream Gel: $60
  • Mediderma FR-ANTIOX MD Anti-Pollution Moisturizing Cream: $39-$45
  • Mediderma HYLANSES MD Advance Hydration Cream Gel: $39-$45
  • Mediderma HYLANSES MD Cleanser Mousse: $39-$45
  • Mediderma Glowing Powder Pack: $66-$72
  • Mediderma MELA 360 Spot Corrector Depigmenting Serum: $53-$59
  • Mediderma Melases TRX 10% TCA Chemical Peel: $73-$79
  • Mediderma Melases TRX Booster Peel: $79-$85
  • Mediderma Natuvalia Glowing Effect Ampoules: $34-$40
  • Mediderma Purifying Control Cleanser Mousse Daily Care: $39-$45
  • Mediderma Redness Control A&A Sensitive Gel: $43-$49
  • Mediderma Retises Nanopeel 1% Gel: $43-$49
  • Mediderma Retises CT Yellow Peel: $65-$70
  • Mediderma Salipeel DS PH 1.5 Chemical Peel: $54-$60
  • Mediderma Sens-Age MD Ultra Corrector 3A Eye Contour: $46-52
  • Mediderma Sens-Age MD G-Activator Nourishing Cream: $54-$60
  • Mediderma Sens-Age MD Ultra Corrector 3A Renewer Facial: $51-$57
  • Mediderma TCA Madrid Simple Peel Medium 15%: $69 – $75

What are the benefits of Mediderma products?

  • Wide range of treatments: The Mediderma collection offers treatment protocols including chemical peels and masks, for moisturizing, revitalization, addressing acne, and many more indications.
  • Complete protocols: Mediderma offers complete protocols to for acne/rosacea, hyperpigmentation and antioxidant treatment.
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