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Lip Filler Injection Techniques
lip filler techniques

The popularity of lip fillers increases year by year, and shows no signs of slowing down. That is hardly a secret, as everyone from celebrities to soccer moms are improving their look with lip fillers.

But did you know that lip fillers can be applied with a surprisingly wide variety of techniques? Different injection procedures are chosen depending on the individual needs of the patient, as well as to expand the range of possible results when crafting different looks. The lip filler gel is injected either with a classic ultra-thin needle or with a special cannula that is often more gentle to the nearby tissue.

If a needle injection option is chosen, the injector performing the procedure performs the injections according to the approach they’ve determined will be best for the patient. With each skin puncture, a micro-dose of filler is injected.

When using a cannula, the distribution of the filler gel can be more even, and the skin injury can be kept to a minimum. The injector makes a single puncture, inserts a cannula through it, and then gently pushes the tissue apart. Then, as the syringe plunger is pressed, the lip filler “unfolds” inside the lip. Many injectors prefer the cannula method as they feel they have more control over the flow of product.

Other than the injection implement – traditional needle or cannula – there are different methods for injecting filler into the lips. Here’s a summary of the most common methods:

Linear Injection Technique

With this technique, the injector administers the filler slowly in a metered dose, filling the contours evenly along the borders of the lip. These helps make the lip outlines become clearly defined. And if the entire lip is being filled in this session, an overall increase in volume is achieved at the same time. The lips look plumped and have an even, consistent border contour.

Bolus Injection Technique

This one is a mouthful. The full name of this injection approach is “bolus, linear retrograde administration.” But in fact, these are two separate injection methods, but they are very often combined, as in both methods the needle is immersed in the tissue to the maximum depth.

Bolus immersion of the needle allows the physician to inject a large volume of filler deep into the tissue. Linear retrograde technology works in a very similar manner, but the needle does not go as deep, and distributes the gel with a retrograde (or backwards) movement to the surface of the lip.

Hollywood Volume Injection Technique

This technique combines the bolus and linear filler injection technology, reviewed above. This technique is often used to achieve the “kissed lips” appearance, with a pronounced Cupid’s Bow – creating a sexy, plump and curved angle along the upper lip.

cupids bow

French Sponges Injection Technique

In this technique, the injection is carried out in a direction perpendicular to the contour, and the filler is distributed linearly or crosswise. It is injected only into the center of the lip, without touching the corners of the mouth. This technique is also referred to as “Bow Sponges” or the “Parisian Technique”.

Mona Lisa Injection Technique

This technique is perhaps the most interesting. Named for the infamous painting, in this technique the physician injects the drug linearly retrograde, treating the lateral part of the contour and capturing the joint of the lips at the corners of the mouth opening. This method is typically used to raise the lowered corners of the lip, so it is often chosen by patients of a more mature age, who’s lip corners are turning down with age.

mona lisa lip filler techniques


The aesthetic injector will determine which injection approach is right for each situation, as they must take into account not only the wishes of the patient, but must also the characteristics of their body, state of health, and other conditions. Licensed medical practitioners can buy lip fillers at Health Supplies Plus.

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