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Everything You Wish You Knew About Lip Fillers
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Plump and smooth lips never go out of style, and lip fillers are a great way to help you get what nature didn’t provide. Or maybe nature did provide it, and time has taken it back. Either way, lip fillers can help boost your lips.


Most lip fillers are made with hyaluronic acid (HA), an ingredient so nourishing it has even become a topical skincare must. HA is a naturally occurring substance that’s found within your body, allowing your tissues to retain water to stay plump, full, and firm.

Why is this so important?

Lack of moisture in the skin (and lips) can lead to the development of fine lines and wrinkles, skin laxity, sunken features, and more. And many people don’t realize how important youthful lip appearance is to your overall look. Like many other key substances in our bodies, HA production decreases as we age. That’s a big reason why people opt for dermal fillers in other areas on the face to fill in wrinkles, restore facial contours, and rejuvenate their youthful fullness. With a reduction of HA and collagen, your lips may grow thin and fine lines around the mouth may become more prominent.

Are lip fillers only for aging lips?

Of course not! Women of all ages can benefit from lip fillers to help them gain fuller, more symmetrical lips. In fact, many younger women, who aren’t yet seeing the effects of aging, are giving lip fillers a try.

As opposed to serums or other topical skincare products containing HA, dermal fillers use a gel form of hyaluronic acid for maximum benefits. This thicker consistency is one secret to the power of today’s lip fillers. It locks the injection in place so you won’t have to worry about the injected material moving from your lips to other areas of your face. From there, the HA gel formula draws in and retains water to plump lip tissue for a soft, supple appearance.

The Importance Of Skincare To Maintain Filler Results

Whenever you receive any kind of aesthetic treatment, including lip fillers, you want to take proper care of your skin to maintain your results. After all, you shouldn’t spend money on lip fillers just to waste it on poor skincare habits.

This might be a surprise, but one of the biggest factors that affects the longevity of your results is collagen production. You’re probably well aware of the impact collagen has on your overall complexion and anti-aging efforts, but did you know collagen is also crucial for soft, supple lips? Without enough collagen support, your lips could deflate and show signs of aging.

Here’s why:

Collagen fibers are a special type of protein located inside the dermis (lower layers) of your skin and lip tissue. When collagen thrives, it creates and upholds a natural framework for your lips, so they can remain as full and shapely as possible. However, as the years pass on, our collagen fibers break down and your body decreases its collagen production rate. Outside of time, sun damage is the next biggest contributor to reducing your collagen levels.

Harmful UVA and UVB rays penetrate the skin with ionizing radiation, which can severely damage the ultra-thin skin on your lips. Many people don’t notice its harmful effects until they hit their mid 20s and 30s, which is why teens and young adults should always focus on skin care to combat this future damage. Remember, proactive care is more effective than reactive care. If you aren’t already using a daily lip balm with good UVA and UVB protection, start now!

Signs of aging lips can include:

  • Thinning and inverted upper lip
  • Thinning and inward-turning lower lip
  • Cupid’s bow definition loss
  • Dry, cracked lips

Whenever you build your skincare routine, focus on high-quality products that not only reverse signs of sun damage, but also protect your skin from new damage. When you combine lip fillers with a great skincare regimen, you will further enhance the collagen-boosting effects of injected hyaluronic acid.

Questions To Ask Before Getting Lip Fillers

Before choosing any lip injector, you want to make sure you find someone who is licensed and has experience working with lip fillers. Proper research is key to getting the best results that will enhance your look – instead of risky injections that could cause more harm than good. Therefore, when you are meeting with a potential injector, you should always come prepared with questions to understand the facility and team, their experience, and the types of fillers used. Before we proceed reviewing the questions to consider before getting lip fillers, here’s one more word on lip filler options.

Not all filler brands come with separate products uniquely designed for lips. For instance,the Juvederm dermal filler line comes with two different types of lip fillers – Volbella and Ultra XC.

Juvederm Volbella: If you already have pretty full lips but you’re concerned about unattractive lipstick lines, then Volbella may be the perfect choice. Its a very delicate lip filler, but can also add some volume to enhance your overall look.

Juvederm Ultra XC: For those who want a little extra boost, then consider Ultra as your lip filler of choice. Ultra not only adds more fullness to create a voluminous pout, it can also help smooth out smile lines for an added benefit.

Let’s hop into the questions that can help you learn more about your lip filler experience.

What is a Lip Filler Treatment like?

Before you do anything, you’ll start with a consultation so your potential injector to make sure they understand the desired look you’re going for. A great aesthetic injector will take the time to truly understand your personal goals, and they will create an injection plan tailored to your vision.

After your lips have been prepped and cleansed, your injector will begin with the injections. They might initially feel like a quick prick. With each injection, your injector will carefully fill in certain areas to achieve the best results.

Once your treatment is complete, you may experience mild bruising immediately or a little later. Either way, this bruising typically fades within a few days.

lip filler

Do Lip Fillers Hurt?

For most patients, lip fillers don’t hurt. However, keep in mind that lip fillers are injections, so you may experience some discomfort from the needle. However, discomfort typically goes away shortly after the procedure is complete.

How Long Do Lip Fillers Last?

Lip fillers last will 6-12 months on average. Keep in mind that this number will vary from person to person, based on a variety of factors. The great thing about HA based lip fillers is that even as they dissolve, the injected hyaluronic acid continues to promote collagen growth to keep your lips soft and supple.

What Kind Of Results Can I Expect From Lip Fillers?

Lip fillers are very flexible and powerful.  Virtually any look you are hoping to achieve, can be possible with a skilled injector and the right filler for the job. Whether you want to sharply define your lip border, even out asymmetrical lips, or simply increase volume, lip fillers can get you there.

Regardless of your age and current lip condition, a skilled injector can help you get the look you want – from natural to dramatic and anywhere in between. Immediately after your treatment, your lips may seem fuller than expected due to temporary swelling, which is completely normal. As the HA gel settles, the swelling will resolve, allowing your true results to emerge and continue shaping for the following weeks. A little patience will go a long way!

How Can I Find a Skilled Clinic for Lip Fillers?

For the best results, look for somewhere with experienced, trained medical professionals who know the proper techniques to provide great results without an overstuffed look.

Here’s some things you can do to evaluate a facility’s capabilities:

  • Read reviews
  • Ask your friends
  • Call the practice
  • Look at their before and after photos
  • Follow them on social media


Lip fillers have earned their popularity for good reason – they are simple, effective, and offer predictable results. As with all medical procedures, the best outcomes go hand-in-hand with good knowledge upfront. Ask the right questions, do a little research, and you should have a spectacular lip filler experience.  Licensed medical practitioners can buy lip fillers online at Health Supplies Plus.

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