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Mediderma Glowing Powder Pack – Chemical Peel Additives (50 G)


Powder additive for dull and/or photoaged skins. Additives are products designed to be combined with chemical peels which supplement these medical treatments with pure active ingredients that enhance their results.

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21+ $66.00

Powder additives are mixed with the gel texture peel at the time of application: 1/4 cup of the additive + 1/2 cup of the peel.

Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) prevents oxidative damage, participates in collagen synthesis, increases skin moisture and smoothness, prevents the formation of free radicals and reduces wrinkles.

Photo-protective action. Lightens the skin by inhibiting melanin synthesis in the melanocytes.

It also contains an ingredient that eases the penetration of ascorbic acid into the skin.




Ascorbic acid
Active ingredient activator

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