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Five Signs It’s Time for Dermal Fillers
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We can try as hard as we can, but it’s simply not possible to stay young forever. And while aging definitely has it benefits, it also has its disadvantages – namely, the unwanted signs of aging. Fortunately, that is where cosmetic treatments can help. With today’s dermal fillers, you can receive treatments that can restore your youthful, glowing skin, so you can appear as refreshed on the outside as you feel on the inside.

Dermal fillers plump the skin to fill out sunken and aged-looking facial features, add volume to enhance facial contours, and effectively smooth out skin affected by fine lines, creases and wrinkles. The question many patients struggle with is “when is the right time for me to get dermal fillers?” Well, to answer that question, let’s take a look at five signs that signal it’s time for dermal fillers.

1. Hollowed-Out Facial Features

Two of the most common side effects of aging are a loss of skin elasticity and a decline in our body’s production of collagen. Both of these conditions typically result in sagging skin and a loss of volume, which leads to hollowed-out facial features. While a person’s initial instinct may be to seek treatment to tighten the skin, that can leave the face looking gaunt and worn down – a different problem. Instead, many patients are better off restoring volume to their face – and thereby filling and lifting sagging skin – with dermal fillers. These fillers can enhance facial features to improve a patient’s overall facial contours and restore a more youthful appearance.

2. Thin Lips

Most people consider thick, plump lips to be attractive. They’ve been in style long before being featured in trending TikTok and Instagram beauty videos. Thicker, more luscious lips draw attention to the mouth and can even improve a person’s profile and the overall balance of the face. Unfortunately, most people are not naturally blessed with plump lips. Today’s dermal fillers are ideal for adding that desired volume. With some simple injections, during a short in-office treatment appointment, patients can increase the size of their lips while maintaining their natural beauty.

3. Fine Lines, Wrinkles, and Creases

Fine lines, wrinkles, and creases are unavoidable as you age – you’ve no doubt noticed. The face is especially prone to these imperfections, as our facial skin is exposed to the sun, wind, and other harsh environmental elements far more than other parts of our body, which are protected by our clothing. Dermal fillers are one effective solution for these unwanted wrinkles and fine lines. Dermal fillers can be injected into the skin at the site of these imperfections to fill and smooth out the skin, so it appears youthful and refreshed once again.

4. Recessed Scars

Most people are unhappy with the appearance of scars, but unaware that there is anything they can do about it. Well, in the case of recessed or inward-oriented scars, dermal fillers do offer an effective solution. By filling in these areas of recessed skin with dermal fillers, your doctor can smooth out the skin and diminish or even eliminate the appearance of scars. Treatment offers patients the unblemished skin they had always hoped for, but had given up on, after the mediocre results delivered by topical treatments.

5. Lack of Confidence

Much more important than how a person looks in the mirror, is how they feel on the inside. If someone is lacking confidence because they feel that their outer appearance is not reflective of their youthful energy, it may be time to consider dermal fillers. They can restore a patient’s youthful appearance in a natural-looking manner, allowing them to once again feel confident with their appearance.

Wrapping Up

Once the effects of aging start to catch up with us, you’re likely going to see visible signs that will start to weigh on you. You may have previously felt that dealing with these signs of aging was impossible, or ineffective at best. Here’s the great news – if you are seeing any of these five signs, you can seek out assistance from an experienced cosmetic medical practitioner. The right dermal fillers can help rejuvenate your appearance, and resolve the signs of aging that aren’t in-line with your inner youth. At Health Supplies Plus, we help licensed medical practitioners buy dermal fillers to help patients achieve their personal aesthetic goals.

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