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Can Belotero Be Used Under the Eyes?
Belotero Dermal Filler

The delicate, thin skin around the eyes is often one of the first areas to visibly show signs of aging. As we age, the skin loses collagen and the hydration that normally keeps it supple and elastic. Belotero is an FDA-approved injectable dermal filler proven to lift and support the skin – in some of the most challenging parts of the face.

Can Belotero Be Used Under the Eyes?

In short, yes! This product is often recommended as an under-eye filler. It is a hyaluronic acid (HA) gel with a consistency that is formulated to be gentle enough for the fragile skin around the eyes. Since this is a high-mobility area, fillers used around the eyes needs to be durable, but also spreadable, to ensure natural facial expressions after treatment.

Why does the Eye Area Need Special Care?

The skin around the eyes is unique because it is much thinner than the skin on the rest of your face. As we age, collagen production slows, causing the skin to stretch, thin and dry out. As the skin thins, it makes the underlying blood vessels more visible. In addition, it becomes easier for unwanted fluid to fill the space where the collagen once existed, causing puffiness in the eye area.

How Can Dermal Fillers Help?

Dermal fillers are injected just under the skin to replace lost collagen and improve the appearance of facial contours. Typically, the thicker fillers are injected deeply into the dermis or subcutaneous layer while thinner fillers are injected into the upper dermis. Results are immediate, as the dermal filler gel smooths out wrinkles and folds, and improvements continue as the filler settles into place over the following days.

Understanding Your Skin: Anatomy and Physiology

In order to understand how hyaluronic acid improves your skin, it’s important to know a little about your skin’s various functions. Skin is a complex, layered structure, with each layer having its own important job to do. As time wears on, changes in hormones, skin quality, and accumulated environmental damage can impair our skin’s resilience.

As our skin grows more delicate, scars that may have existed but been barely visible, become more prominent and age spots begin to appear. Skin hydration diminishes as our sweat glands and sebaceous glands produce less oil and water. Blood vessels weaken, making bruising and bleeding more likely. The thin stretches and dries out, which is just one of the reasons many people turn to dermal fillers.

Belotero Dermal Filler online

The Epidermis

The epidermis is the outermost layer of skin that acts as a waterproof barrier to the outer world. Its superpower lies in its ability to regenerate itself as cells die and slough off, or after being damaged. Despite this ability, it also takes the most damage over time and inevitably begins to show some wear and tear as we age. Over time, it loses collagen and hydration, causing it to become dry and eventually thin out.

And as this layer thins, the skin loses its resilience and does not rebound from environmental abuse as well. It begins to look rougher as scarring and other flaws become more visibile. Cells responsible for our skin’s pigmentation also reside in the epidermis and begin to grow in size as the skin’s epidermal cells thin out. This creates what most of us call with as “age spots.”

The Dermis

Just beneath the epidermis lies the dermis layer. This middle layer of skin houses sebaceous glands and sweat glands, which produce the oil and water that gives skin its suppleness. When this layer is healthy and hydrated, it plays a key role as the protective cushion from stressful environments.

The dermis also contains the nerve endings and receptors that are responsible for pain, pressure, and touch sensations. Our hair follicles are also located here. Most dermal fillers are injected into this layer of skin.

The Subcutaneous

This innermost layer of skin is also referred to as the hypodermis. It consists of a series of complex connective tissues and fats that act as the body’s temperature regulators. The deepest blood vessels are located here, where they transport nutrients throughout the body. As this layer loses elasticity over time, it compromises the resilience of the layers above, particularly the face.

Belotero Dermal Fillers

How Does Belotero Work?

While each product in the Belotero family of products is designed to treat particular areas of the face, it’s smooth, lightweight consistency makes it very effective on the thin skin found around the eyes. Upon injection, it immediately integrates into the facial tissue, going to work by building support from the bottom up. The hyaluronic acid in the formula binds to and attracts water, instantly giving the skin more visible volume and plumpness.

Hyaluronic Acid: An Overview

Hyaluronic acid consists of a chain of sugars that occur naturally in human skin. It is a polysaccharide that can hold almost one thousand times its weight in water, making it the single biochemical most responsible for keeping skin hydrated. Even better, some evidence suggests that long-term use can actually stimulate the body’s own production of collagen and thereby improve the body’s ability to transfer nutrients to the skin’s layers.

The hyaluronic acid in this gel is specially reinforced using a technology that strengthens its molecular structure. By cross-linking both higher- and lower-weight hyaluronic acid molecules, a stronger, more durable formulation is created. This makes it perfect for treating high-mobility areas of the face, such as the eye area.

The Belotero Family

Belotero Balance

This product is designed to treat moderate to severe lines and wrinkles. While it is durable enough to treat deeper folds such as smile lines, it is also suitable to treat the finer, more delicate lines of the lips. Research shows that Belotero Balance can last for six months or more, before requiring touch-ups.

Belotero Soft

This product is the thinnest of all the gels in the Belotero family, allowing it to migrate easily for more natural facial contours and expressions. It is highly cohesive, making its softness perfect for the delicate lines and wrinkles often found near the lips. It’s also good for treating crow’s feet and the fine lines found in the forehead. Studies suggest Belotero Soft offers up to a year of effective results.

Belotero Intense

This formula is known for offering excellent support to the skin’s elasticity and flexibility. It is perfect for lip augmentation and correcting the deeper folds of marionette lines and NSFs. This product also hides flaws such as scarring and skin damage. Like Soft, research shows Belotero Intense also lasts up to one year.

Belotero Volume

The thickest of all gels in this family, this product is great for facial contouring and volumizing areas of lost collagen in the midface, such as around the cheeks and temples. Its thickness allows it to stay put and resist breaking down in the body longer than its counterparts. This gives Belotero Volume lasting effects for up to 18 months.

What Are Treatments Like?

As with any cosmetic treatment, there are typical processes that will be followed. Your doctor will ask a series of questions ranging from your skincare routine, lifestyle habits, age, and general health. They will use this information to advise you about the best way to prepare for your dermal filler treatment.


In the consultation, your doctor will examine your skin and ask you about any concerns or skin damage you have suffered in the past or may be currently suffering. They will inquire about any other skin treatments you have received in the past, or would like to receive, including peels and facials. From there, they will determine the most effective treatment plan that will help you achieve and maintain your desired results.


In preparation for your session, your doctor may recommend a few guidelines to help you get the most from your treatment. For instance, in the days leading up to your session, you may want to avoid blood-thinning medications (such as aspirin) and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. These medications can increase your risk of bleeding and bruising, leading to minor complications from your filler treatment.

In addition, try to avoid any activities that have a drying or irritating effect on the skin, such as drinking alcohol or using personal care products that contain retinol.

During Your Session

Your doctor will inject the gel into your skin using tiny, ultrafine needles. Belotero formulations come with or without lidocaine, and your doctor can also offer you a topical analgesic for maximum comfort. Your session will most likely last between 15 and 60 minutes.

Post Treatment

Most patients experience little-to-no downtime and can return to their normal daily activities immediately following their session. It is always a good idea to continue following the advice given in the preparation stage. Avoiding blood-thinning drugs, alcohol, and general activities that could increase skin sensitivity will help you achieve maximum benefit – and minimal side effects – from your treatment.

Who Is a Good Candidate?

This family of products is approved for anyone over the age of 21, looking for non-invasive alternatives to cosmetic surgery. Many people over age 30 seek treatment to reverse the signs of aging, but young people can also experience folds and wrinkles in their skin due to health conditions, hormonal imbalances, or even weight loss. Belotero can be a great option for all age ranges.

Benefits of Treatment


The hyaluronic acid used in Belotero products is not sourced from animals and is highly biocompatible. For this reason, allergic reactions are extremely rare. If an allergic reaction does occur, it is usually due to another sub-ingredient in the product.


These treatments are considered outpatient services and are typically completed in your doctor’s office in under an hour. There is little-to-no downtime and requires minimal advanced preparation. Patients can return to their normal day’s schedule right after their treatment session.

Immediate Effects

Results are typically noticeable right away, after just one treatment. As the hyaluronic acid gel integrates into the skin, it leverages hydration to support underlying tissues, instantly restoring tissue volume and elasticity. Some gels can even be massaged and molded by your doctor during your session to immediately improve facial contours.


Collagen replacement treatments of the past broke down quickly in the body and lasted less than six months. Due to new technologies, the effects of modern fillers last much longer. The hyaluronic acid cross-linking used in Belotero’s products gives it greater longevity, up to 18 months.

The Bottom Line

This family of products is a safe, non-invasive, and effective alternative to invasive cosmetic surgery. Its hyaluronic acid gel instantly restores skin resilience and elasticity, especially for high-mobility areas like the skin around the eyes. Even better news, sessions are quick and convenient. Patients looking to experience more vibrant, younger-looking skin, should consult their dermatologist or cosmetic doctor to learn exactly how Belotero products can help.

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