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BELOTERO® BALANCE is a transparent gel made of cross-linked sodium hyaluronate of non-animal origin.

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BELOTERO® BALANCE is a transparent gel made of cross-linked sodium hyaluronate of non-animal origin. It is designed to fill moderate facial wrinkles and lines. It is also used to augment and define the lips and fill the cheeks for improvement. This product is manufactured by Merz Pharma, a pharmaceutical company headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany. The company is a global leader of innovation in the field of health and aesthetic medicines, providing the availability and effectiveness of fillers and botulinum neurotoxin for the world to use.

As this injectable integrates into the tissue, it treats face lines and wrinkles. It builds up and improves the facial skin and makes it look so natural. It temporarily smooths out nasolabial folds (the wrinkles from the side of the nose to the corner of the mouth). Aside from this function, it is used for lip augmentation, where the substance adds volume to a patient’s lip. It restores facial contour, giving individuals a more youthful appearance.

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How does BELOTERO® BALANCE work?

This product can be used in any area of the face: cheeks, around the eyes, nose and mouth, and on the lips. Belotero Balance treats fine lines to deep folds around the face. This treatment includes facial contouring, lip augmentation, and cheekbone enhancement. The hyaluronic acid contained in this product promotes healthier and more supple skin. When injected, the acid-base reduces the appearance of wrinkles, increases skin moisture, and makes skin firmer.

This prescription injection has proven to be very effective in maintaining normal movement and facial expressions. It is an easy treatment, and the result is immediate. It fills the etched-in line and wrinkles on the face. It gives a natural feeling to the touch. It corrects moderate to deep lines such as nasolabial folds (smile lines around the mouth) and marionette lines (vertical lines between the mouth and chin). The hyaluronic acid substance of this product keeps the skin from being hydrated and plump, keeping the face younger-looking and well-defined. It improves skin elasticity.

The results for this filler can last from 6 to 12 months. It is a safe and simple procedure and is often completed in just 30 minutes. It is done by injecting it directly into the skin using a fine-gauge needle. The patient may experience discomfort, but it’s only minimal and short.

Who uses this dermal filler?

Commonly, people who are 18 to 65 years old use this cosmetic treatment. It applies to both men and women who are experiencing wrinkles and facial lines caused by ageing and facial muscle contractions.


• Rejuvenates the skin
• Augments the lips
• Adds volume to the skin around the mouth
• Youthful appearance
• Reduces wrinkles
• Improves facial lines
• Healthier skin

Side Effects

Compared to other dermal fillers, the Belotero Balance procedure has minimal side effects. Educate your patients with the following side effects and when to notify you when these unwanted reactions become severe.

Common side effects

• Bruising
• Mild irritation
• Redness
• Swelling
• Discoloration of the skin
• Itching
• Hardness of the skin

Severe side effects

• Headache
• Lip numbness and dryness
• Swelling at the injection site/side of the nose
• Cold sores



Merz Pharmaceuticals

Active Substance(s)

Hyaluronic acid



Pack Size

1-1ml prefilled syringe


Package insert, 1-27G 1/2” needle, 1- 30G 1/2” needle, 2 traceability labels

Please leave your email below and we will notify you when stock for this item has replenished.