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All About Lip Filler Treatment
lip fillers

Who hasn’t seen augmented lips on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok lately? Around the world, lip fillers are becoming commonplace and much less taboo. And whether it’s Kylie Jenner or your neighborhood soccer mom, luscious, pouty lips are highly sought-after these days and it is leading many to want to learn more.

What Are Lip Fillers Made Out Of?

If you’re new to lip fillers, let’s start with what lip fillers are made of. Made primarily from hyaluronic acid (HA), lip fillers are safe and effective FDA-approved injectables. HA occurs naturally within the human body and is perfect for adding volume under the skin, while also moisturizing and nourishing. That’s because HA attracts and retains water, while also encouraging collagen production in the skin.

Note that HA fillers aren’t just for lips. These products can also be used to contour the face, smooth the nose, diminish lines and wrinkles, sharpen the jawline – and more. In short, fillers are highly effective, non-permanent alternatives to plastic surgery or other invasive procedures. To read more about how fillers can help the face in general, check out our article Your Guide to Injectable Dermal Fillers.

How Does The Lip Filler Process Work?

Two of the most popular filler collections, Restylane or Juvederm, offer formulations directly dedicated to helping the lips. Many years of research and development have helped craft these products that have perfect qualities for treating the lips.

Every expert injector should know, lip injection goals are different for everyone. Many clients get lip injections for different reasons. Of course, fillers can enhance and plump the size of the lips, but they can also:

  • Diminish vertical lip lines
  • Smooth out lines around the mouth
  • Lift the corners of the mouth
  • Improve lip symmetry
  • Create definition of lips’ outer lines
  • Contour the cupid’s bow

Bottom line is, not every patient who seeks lip fillers wants bigger lips. Many patients simply want to improve their lip shape, addressing balance issues or refining a weak lip line.

How Much Lip Filler Is Too Much?

Everyone’s lips and goals are completely unique. That’s why it’s important to have an honest and open discussed with your aesthetic physician during a pre-treatment consultation .

The reality is, some patients’ lips can take on more filler than others. Other patients simply don’t have the ‘space’ for it. How much filler your lips can handle usually hinges on how much pink surface area you have within your lip structure. When it comes to lip fillers, and keeping things natural looking – you always want to avoid Duck Lips. That happens when too much filler is injected into lips that simply can’t take it, so the filler puffs the outsides of the mouth, not just the lips.

Things To Know Before You Get A Puffier Pout

If you’re considering lip fillers, here’s some final helpful information. First off, lip fillers are a long-term investment. Any filler’s length of duration varies from patient to patient. That’s because it depends on how their body processes the injected filler, plus other factors like lifestyle, environmental stresses and diet. On average, patients enjoy optimal lip filler results for 6 months (but some are lucky enough to go a year or more).

Next, if you don’t love the results of your lip filler treatment, they can always be dissolved. There is an injectable that helps dissolve fillers, so you can reverse work that was previously done. To learn more, check out our article Dermal Filler Removal.

And lastly, everyone should expect some minimal swelling and bruising after lip filler treatment. On the day of your injections, most doctors will recommend sleeping face-up and avoiding heavy exercise, intense heat, and alcohol. Also, avoid any other intensive lip activities — excessive lip straining or compressing will literally flatten out your fillers before they’ve had time to settle.

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