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What’s the Difference Between Juvederm Voluma and Sculptra?
Juvederm Voluma vs Sculptra

Sculptra and Juvederm Voluma are both great options for people who want a long-lasting filler that doesn’t require surgery. They have effects that can last as long as two years. Problem areas like nasolabial folds and smile lines can be effectively addressed with them. But even though they can address similar situations, their ingredients and exact uses are actually very different.

Both of these have been tried and tested by experts and are considered highly effective. But their active ingredients are different, so they can be used for different things and work in different ways. Both are great at getting rid of wrinkles in places like the nasolabial folds and smile lines. Now, let’s talk in more detail about these two dermal fillers and how they can help patients turn back the hands of time on their visible aging.

Sculptra: The Collagen Stimulator

People often think that Sculptra is just a regular filler, but it is not. It actually functions by boosting your collagen. It is injected into the skin to speed up the natural process of the skin getting fuller and building new collagen fibers.

People often complain about fillers that aren’t natural, but with Sculptra, patients can get naturally fuller skin wherever they want it. Patients can get rid of those bothersome lines as if they had never been there. It is formulated to give your cheeks, jowls, nasal folds, and temples more volume. There’s no doubt that it takes a little longer to see results, but it’s worth it. The results won’t be seen for 4-6 months, but they will be well worth the wait. It is not a quick fix, but it is a semi-permanent solution that can work for up to a few years.

One of the best things about it is that once a patient starts treatment, their skin gets better every day until the final result, which lasts for years.

Juvederm Voluma: The Hyaluronic Filler For The Mid-Face

Juvederm Voluma, on the other hand, is a dermal filler, made of hyaluronic acid (HA). The best thing about Juvederm Voluma is that it has a smooth, gel-like consistency and a high viscosity. This makes it very reliable, and it’s results are nearly instant. Also, results last a long time, as long as two years. Results look looks best on the upper cheeks, but can also be used in other areas. Many women want a face that looks like an apple, with large, rounded cheeks, and Juvederm Voluma is a great way to achieve that beautiful and desired face shape.

Unlike Sculptra, which primarily operates by stimulating the body to generate it’s own collagen, Juvederm Voluma fills the injected space with it’s uniquely designed gel formula. This injected HA gel attracts and ‘locks in position’ nearby water molecules. This water stays in position where it’s needed most, adding youthful facial volume and minimizing the appearance of wrinkles and lines. It’s so powerful that it can add volume to facial areas that may have always been lacking – such as the jawline and chin.

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