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Trends for Dermal Filler Injections in 2022
dermal filler trends 2022

Leading into 2022, dermal fillers are back and more popular than ever. During the pandemic, we witnessed the rising popularity of virtual meetings, where many of us spent more time than ever before looking at our blemishes and wrinkles on the computer screen. And even the least self-conscious amongst us have double-checked their face before going on a video call. This is causing patients of all ages to look to dermal fillers as a quick and easy method of rejuvenation – with minimal side effects. No time off work. Plus, you can even wear a mask to cover up any temporary redness, without raising any attention. Now is the perfect time to have filler work performed.

So, what are the big dermal filler trends catching the eye of patients for 2022? Below we list the latest filler fashions that’ll have your clients looking great, both on and off their web cam.

Heart-shaped facial fillers

Increasingly popular, primarily amongst younger women, the heart-shaped look involves a lateral cheek elevation. The filler is injected along the cheekbones, lifting the area and creating a contour running downwards the cheek. The heart-look then swirls down from the cheeks, coming to an attractive point at the chin.

The look emphasizes the feminine features, giving a youthful facial structure. Compared to other injection trends, like the angular jaw, it’s significantly less severe. Also, injections can also be made in the temple area to open the brow and eyes – this helps slim down the face. For a finishing flair, add a plump to the lips: fewer angles, more roundness, less bold features. The heart-shaped look is all about softness – no wonder it is gaining popularity.

Plumper lips

Angelina Jolie. Scarlett Johansson. Liv Tyler. What do these celebrities have in common? Aside from being stunning, multi-millionaire actresses, they’re renowned for their plump, full lips.

Attractive lips have been considered a focal point for beauty for ages. However, that doesn’t mean women are opting only for the extra-extra-large lips, made popular in the mid-2000s. Today, lip enhancements are more subtle, more demure — understated beauty. And that’s where hyaluronic acid fillers excel. Rather than aggressively filling lips with silicone, hyaluronic acid fillers add natural-looking volume, eliminate perioral wrinkles, and help to hydrate the skin. Also, HA injections can be used in older women to simply restore their lips’ original shape and structure.

Either way, natural-looking lip enhancement isn’t just a filler trend for today, but likely forever.

dermal filler online

Smooth under-eye puffiness

As we age, the skin around our eyes sags – it’s unavoidable for virtually everyone. The loss of hydration and volume cause eyes to appear sunken and perpetually tired. The causes are are actually more than just lack of hydration: lack of sleep, sun exposure, and smoking all can contribute. There’s a simple solution – that never goes out of style – periocular dermal filler injections.

Unlike lip and cheeks, which require significant volume to treat and correct, periocular filling needs a softer filler. The result: fewer lines, less sag, more vibrant eyes.

Voluminous cheeks

Like lips in previous years, cheeks are the hottest of today’s injection trends. Increasing the volume around the cheekbones creates a fuller, more youthful, volumized face. Adding contours with make-up is one thing — and there’s another thing entirely, working with the wonders of hyaluronic acid fillers.  With these fillers, doctors can give patients the illusion of striking, fashion-model cheekbones. And there are great filler options that support this ‘facial sculpting’ trend. Radiesse – based on calcium hydroxyapatite microspheres – does not shift within the skin. Instead, it holds its form and even triggers collagen production: thus, is significantly longer-lasting than other procedures.

Angular Jaw

This unique procedure provides a distinctive and unusual look sure to captivate. By injecting HA fillers directly into the jawline, the result is a more pronounced, angular jaw. This procedure is growing in popularity for both women and men. Male patients are opting for more masculine, dominant jawlines. Meanwhile, women seek a contoured, smooth jawline that’ll slim down their overall facial structure.


With the post-pandemic opening up of society upon us, and masks being worn less and less – patients are eager and ready to give their face touch-ups and new treatments to restore their youthful looks.  And also – experiment with some new looks, following the current beauty trends.

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