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Top 5 Dermal Filler Myths
dermal filler myths

Looking for some straight talk on fillers? Here’s some of the most common questions, concerns and fears that circulate related to dermal fillers. Check out our list below and see if they resonate with you.

1. It’s too expensive

There are many dermal fillers available now and the more on the market, the better it is for pricing and availability.  The growing popularity of dermal fillers has lead to many leading companies developing new formulas and brining them to market – at a variety of price points. This market competition and wide variety of choices means that even budget-conscious patients can find an option that suits them.

2. It is too painful

Truth us, there’s a lot of great options to help manage any injection pain.  And many leading fillers such as Juvederm Ultra XC contain lidocaine already mixed into the formulation, to help manage pain.  And your injector can also use any number of topical numbing agents to reduce any discomfort associated with the initial needle puncture.

3. I’ll have to miss work

After your treatment, some redness and bruising can happen. First off, a great injector will use the smallest needles possible to reduce downtime. In most cases, make-up can be worn the next day to cover up any visible issues. In fact, most clients go directly back to work the same day they have the treatment. Also growing in popularity are Friday appointments — so they can recover over a weekend. After treatment, there will be minor swelling that typically relieves in 3 days.

4. I’ll look too fake

This is where finding the best fit between doctor and patient come into play. Patients should always select an injector that matches their personal aesthetic. For instance, patients should check the Instagram of the injector they are considering. Does anyone look overly augmented, and fake? Us the clinic’s provided Before and After photos as concrete guidelines for your personal goals. Talk about the photos you like and the ones you don’t – that will ensure you are on the same page with your doctor. And with the wide variety of fillers available, there are options designed to offer extremely subtle and refined results — such as Juvederm Volbella. Also, be realistic. In most cases, it takes numerous syringes of product to appear overly augmented. There’s no reason to fear.

5. It’s unsafe

It’s always a good idea to only get injected by an experienced and licensed injector. Check your doctor’s background as a part of your selection process. The internet makes it easier than ever to research your potential injector – look at their certifications, qualifications, and even their reviews. There’s no rush: take your time to find an injector you are comfortable with. The best dermatologists and doctors will always take their time to make sure you are well-informed and prepared for treatment – not over-promising miraculous results, or rushing you into any treatment.

Wrapping Up

Dermal fillers have gained wide notoriety and popularity over recent years. Along with that come various misconceptions and myths that aren’t accurate, and in some cases, cause patients to steer clear of fillers, for the wrong reasons. In reality, these misconceptions may be based on a sliver of truth, but which gets warped into something inaccurate. Skilled and qualified doctors have the experience to disprove all of these myths, and provide patients with a satisfying, safe and effective dermal filler treatment.


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