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Today’s Dermal Fillers
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Skin aging is an unavoidable process all of us will experience sooner or later. Our skin ages for a number of factors, ranging from external environmental effects, to a slowdown in the production of vital skin-enhancing elements like hyaluronic acid, collagen, and elastin.

And as our skin ages, imperfections such as facial wrinkles, sagging, dullness, pigment marks, and others can appear and affect one’s self confidence. No one wants to look older than they feel.

That is why the number of available aesthetic procedures on the market has been steadily increasing, and almost everyone can choose the option perfect for their individual goals and desires.

Can you guess which procedure is among the most popular and effective ones? If you guessed dermal fillers, you are 100% correct!

And for those who didn’t know the answer, lets take a look this topic in more detail in this article. What are dermal fillers? How do they work? Is this treatment safe? All answers (and even more) can be found below.

Types of Dermal Fillers Based on Active Substance

As mentioned above, dermal fillers are one of the best ways to treat deep wrinkles, creases and lines and make skin youthful again. However, depending on a patient’s individual goals, filler injections’ composition may vary (especially the active substance). That’s because different aging conditions can often be best treated with different formulas.

The main types wildly used in the cosmetic industry include:

Hyaluronic acid fillers

These are definitely the most common type among dermal fillers. These typically last from six months to a year (but sometimes longer) and are meant to fill wrinkles and restore lost facial volume. They are also a perfect option to hydrate constantly dry skin. As hyaluronic acid is a naturally-occurring substance, it rarely causes severe allergic reactions. The most famous brands are JuvedermRestylane, and Belotero.

Calcium hydroxyapatite fillers

Typical area of use – facial contouring and deeper lines and creases. Depending on the aesthetic goals, it may last up to a year (for contouring) or up to three years (for wrinkles filling). Radiesse is now the most popular brand with this key ingredient in its composition.

Poly-L-lactic acid fillers

This product is meant to be injected into the deeper layers of the skin to restore volume loss. Patients typically require two to three injections to see the result, and the effect typically lasts up to two years. Sculptra is the brand most wildly used by aesthetic professionals.

Only a trained and experienced aesthetics medical professional can pick the right injectable for a person, as well as the dose, the number of needed treatment sessions to achieve optimal results.

What Are the Target Areas for Filler Injectable Treatments?

Typically, dermal fillers are used to eliminate visible lines that appear due to repeated facial expressions in the following areas:

  • Nasolabial folds and smile lines (the lines leading from the nose to mouth and tiny wrinkles around the mouth)
  • The area around the eyes
  • Marionette lines (creases that go from the mouth corners to the chin)
  • Lips and mouth area

Fillers that can add facial volume – like Juvederm Voluma – are also used to to add volume to the chin, cheek and jawlines, often to provide contours that patients were never born with.

Dermal Filler Treatment Side Effects

After the administration of the dermal filler, patients can expect results in a few hours or days (depending on the type). Visible results may be delayed because of injection spot reactions such as redness, swelling, and bruising.

For the safety of every patient, as well as to avoid adverse reactions after the treatment session, your medical professional will discuss post-treatment safety rules. All patients should be well informed what to do, and what not to do, in order to get the most of their treatment procedure and prevent dangerous side effects. Let’s review the most common aftercare tips next.

Dermal Filler Aftercare Tips

Aftercare steps are an important routine that should be followed, without exception. This way, patients will get the benefits of smooth and younger-looking skin, with a greatly reduced chance of any serious complications. Here are a few ground rules that you should follow:

  • Do not exercise for a few days after the injection. In this way, you’ll avoid severe swelling and bruising, as well as possible unwanted filler migration.
  • Avoid direct sunlight and excessive sun exposure in general. You should always use sunscreen and wear protective clothing to keep away from UV exposure. This is a good skin care tip in general.
  • Watch your sleeping position. For a few nights after the treatment, it’s best to sleep on your back rather than on your belly. Sleeping face down may lead to unwanted filler migration.
  • Don’t consume alcoholic beverages for at least 24 hours after the injection. In this way, you’ll avoid blood-thinning, which can cause bruising, and swelling.
  • Stop using the following products temporarily – AHAs, BHAs, Retinol, and Vitamin C. This will be helpful to minimize the chance of injection site reactions.
  • Avoid other cosmetic procedures two weeks before and after. If the treatment area is damaged or irritated, a your injector may refuse to conduct the procedure out of safety concerns.

Some professionals may also have specific recommendations for each patient, so the pre-treatment consultation is very important. During the meeting, the patient’s health history, allergies, desired results, and other important aspects are discussed. Also, it’s a great idea for patients to bring photos of the look they are trying to achieve to make to the consultation.


Dermal fillers  are among the most popular and beneficial aesthetic procedures on the aesthetic market today. They are safe, cause minimal side effects, and include a variety of formulations, to help doctors select the exact type to best address the patient’s concerns. Licensed medical practitioners can buy dermal fillers online at Health Supplies Plus.

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