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Restylane for Chin Augmentations: Treatment and Benefits
Restylane for Chin

Best Fillers for Chin Augmentations: Restylane

A chin augmentation is a procedure that alters the appearance of the chin, contributing to an improved overall facial contour. In the past, chin augmentations were almost exclusively surgical procedures, but with the development of new medical cosmetic products and procedures, patients now have more options, including low-maintenance and quick non-surgical options. Dermal fillers have become an increasingly popular option for patients seeking non-surgical chin augmentation procedures, which hyaluronic acid-based fillers offering many benefits. Dermal fillers are able to add size, shape, and volume to the chin, and a skilled medical cosmetic practitioner can use fillers to bring the chin into better balance with the rest of the face. By adding volume below the skin, chin augmentations can also help lessen the appearance of jowls.

How can Restylane be used on the chin?

Restylane is a hyaluronic acid-based dermal filler that can be used to help improve the appearance of the chin in a number of ways. Hyaluronic acid is a molecule that occurs naturally within the body. It provides hydration and volume within the skin, and helps contribute to other functions within the skin that help keep it looking firm, elastic, and young. Doctors often prefer Restylane or Restylane Lyft for this treatment. When Restylane is injected into the skin of the chin, it can not only help fill in lines and smooth out the appearance of wrinkles and folds in the chin and mouth area, it can also be used to add significant volume for a chin augmentation. When using Restylane for chin augmentation procedures, skilled medical professionals can decrease sagging under the chin, and sculpt and contour the chin to improve the overall appearance of the chin and jawline.

How long does Restylane last?

As hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance, it is metabolized by the body. That’s mean that using Restylane for chin augmentation treatment provides only temporary results. The longevity of the effects will vary by patient, with factors such as the age and lifestyle of the patients, as well as the injection technique and the amount of filler used during treatment all affecting the duration of results. However, a Restylane treatment for the chin will typically last between 6 to 12 months. It is perfectly safe for patients to receive touch ups with Restylane once the effects of the initial treatment begin to wear off.

Benefits of Restylane for chin

There are many benefits to receiving Restylane treatment on the chin area over the traditional chin augmentation surgery. With dermal fillers like Restylane, practitioners are able to provide patients with customizable treatment that is tailored to suit their look and other facial features. The traditional surgical procedure involves using implants, making treatment and results less personalized. Doctors are able to assess the patient’s features and sculpt and contour the chin in a way that provides subtler, natural-looking results that accentuate the rest of the face. Restylane chin augmentation can also be reversed using hyaluronidase to dissolve the hyaluronic acid gel if patients are unhappy with the results of the procedure. Additionally, non-surgical chin augmentation with Restylane requires little downtime after the procedure as it is minimally invasive. Patients will also experience little to no pain when receiving chin augmentation treatment with Restylane.

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