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AQUALYX® is an injectable solution called Motolese’s solution which is similar to bile enzymes produced by the liver. Use AQUALYX® to help break down the walls of fat cells, with the aid of ultrasound waves, allowing the lipids to be eliminated from the body.

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What is AQUALYX®?

AQUALYX® is an injectable solution called Motolese’s solution, which is similar to bile enzymes produced by the liver. Use AQUALYX® to help break down the walls of fat cells, with the aid of ultrasound waves, allowing the lipids to be eliminated from the body. This solution is manufactured by Marllor, an Italian firm and a leading expert in the Biomedical industry.

This product is usually used in treating lipohypertrophy, a lump underneath the skin caused by fatty lobes and unwanted fats. Aqualyx appears as an aqueous micro-gelatinous injectable solution consisting of micro cleaning agents. Other than that, it controls and improves the functions of external ultrasound waves. Aside from breaking down fat cells, the solution also (1) produces adipose tissue alterations and (2) serves as an effective treatment for buffalo humps, which HIV-positive individuals acquire.

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How does AQUALYX® work?

Aqualyx essentially eliminates lipids or fats from the body that causes metabolism disorders. Partnered with external ultrasound waves, this solution breaks down fatty acids, oils, and even cholesterol and drains into the body. The fatty liquid is then metabolized and later on excreted.

As defined, Aqualyx is a non-surgical treatment of localized adiposities which follows Intralipotherapy, an infiltration technique designed to provide zero pain and discomfort when injecting the said solution. It promotes efficacy and convenience not just to the attending medical personnel but to the patient as well. It is a protocol that only trained physicians are allowed to perform the procedure. By following this injection technique, anesthesia or any topical cream is not required anymore.

In general, the solution liquefies fat cells and destroys it for good. It dissolves stubborn pockets of fat and excess oil under the skin. The fatty acids are then eliminated naturally by the lymphatic system. This essentially helps people who are on a diet and regular exercise. The result of this procedure is permanent. That is why keeping your weight steady is also a must.

Who uses this injectable?

Mostly, women are good candidates for this procedure. But keep in mind that the treatment isn’t intended for weight loss. It only works for people who may have a problem with excessive fat that hinders diet and exercise. This also works for patients who prefer the said treatment rather than invasive liposuction surgery or laser lipo treatments.


• Dissolves unwanted fats in any areas of the body
• Improves body contouring
• Eradicates ‘man boobs’
• Makes skin smoother
• Reduces discomfort in needle injections
• Pain-free
• Great results in just a few weeks
• Smooth, glowing skin
• Breaks down fat cells
• Eliminates excess fats
• Helps in diet and exercise

Side Effects

Compared to liposuction, the Aqualyx procedure has minimal side effects. Educate your patients with the following side effects and when to notify you when these unwanted reactions become severe.

Common side effects

• Redness
• Swelling
• Tenderness in the treated area
• Light bruising
• Skin inflammation
• Erythema
• Edematous reactions
• Hematomas


Marllor Biomedical

Active Substance(s)

Motolese's solution

Pack Size

10-8ml vials


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