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Look Younger With Juvederm Treatment
Look Younger With Juvederm Treatment

You stay in shape, take care of yourself, and live a full life, from the morning alarm bell to when your head hits the pillow. You certainly feel young, but that feeling isn’t always reflected when you look in the mirror. Does this sound like you?  If so, what can you do?

The answer just may be anti-aging treatments with proven and popular Juvederm dermal filler injections.


Skin and the underlying facial structures change over time. And unfortunately, there is not a simple, singular cause of facial aging. In reality, dozens of changes take place over the years, many of which contribute to volume loss and an aged appearance. Skin becomes drier, the fatty layer below it becomes thinner, and collagen production slows.

As you might expect, this decrease in tissue volume and plumpness can lead to thinner lips, sunken cheeks, and other unfortunate changes in facial contours. Skin does not shrink to accommodate your thinner features. In fact, just the opposite occurs, because aging skin loses elasticity the same time you may be losing volume. The result is sagging, wrinkles, and folds of excess skin – and these effects can really add up quickly.

While most men and women want to correct the signs of volume loss, many of them don’t want to go under the knife and endure invasive plastic surgery. Dermal fillers provide an effective, non-surgical solution with no permanent changes, and very little post-treatment downtime. They work by replacing facial volume, and restoring your youthful features, with just a few comfortable and simple injections.


Juvederm is a premier line of dermal fillers produced by Allergan, a company with decades of experience in cosmetic formulations. There are several different Juvederm formulas available, designed to address various areas of the face. Thinner formulations are ideal for fine lines and superficial injections, adding just a little volume exactly where it is needed without creating an overdone appearance. Thicker, more resilient Juvederm formulas are used in areas such as the cheeks where a greater amount of volume is needed, because these formulas are resilient enough to stay in place and hold their shape. Depending on your specific needs, your doctor may recommend one or several Juvederm products.


  • Replace tissue volume
  • Improve facial contours and correct symmetry
  • Plump up thin lips
  • Fill in facial folds, lines, and wrinkles


You’ve probably heard the term “liquid facelift” before. It does not refer to a specific product or treatment. Instead, it is a common name given to a combination of anti-aging injectables, which can be used together to rejuvenate different areas of the face.

The popularity of this combination treatment can be attributed to its ability to address multiple types of wrinkles and lines, across the entire face, for a comprehensive correction. Different Juvederm formulas can be employed in facial areas requiring different treatments, such as the the fine skin near the eyes, and also the large cheek areas.


No matter the formulation(s) being used, the Juvederm procedure is quick and convenient, with minimal discomfort. Cosmetic injectables are delivered using a very fine needle, and the superficial depth makes them more comfortable than most other medical “shots.” Additionally, Juvederm XC formulas include lidocaine, so the product numbs as it is injected.

Increased volume will be noticeable immediately after you receive Juvederm injections. The appearance of the treated area will continue improving for a few days to a couple of weeks as swelling and mild redness subsides, revealing the full, beautiful, natural looking results. And depending on the specific Juvederm formulas used, the results can last from several months to more than a year. Your results can be easily maintained with periodic touch-up injections as needed.

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