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Learn More About Radiesse 3ml
About Radiesse

What is Radiesse 3ml?

Radiesse 3ml is a injectable dermal filler that, after administration, reduces facial wrinkles effectively. Its effect lasts for at least 12 to 18 months. It is injected under the skin, after which it immediately fills the missing volume and smoothes the facial wrinkles out. Radiesse 3ml also assists the development of collagen. Collagen is a protein found in the skin, one of the key elements to healthy looking skin.

A few facts about Radiesse 3ml:

One-year duration – It has a long duration until its effects wear off. It lasts for more than a year in most patient’s cases.

FDA approved – Radiesse is very popular and respected by patients who have used it. And having obtained FDA approval, Radiesse continues to be highly trusted by new patients.

Distinctive approach – The dermal filler provides instant correction to the skin, and not only that, it promotes the regeneration of the collagen in the body.

Biocompatible formulation – The product does not cause any allergic or toxic response to the body.

Benefits of Radiesse 3ml

Radiesse 3ml reshapes and plumps the skin, which is possible because it contains a micro implant made of CaHA microspheres, also known as calcium hydroxyapatite. These elements act effectively within a biodegradable liquid gel.

Effects Dermis Positively
The dermis is the inner layer of the skin connected to the blood vessels, oil and sweat glands, and other structures. Radiesse 3ml affects all the damaged areas of the dermis very positively. The results are instant, and change can be seen within a few days of treatment.

Brightens Face
It reduces signs of aging by correcting marionette lines, wrinkles, and nasolabial folds. This dermal filler has components of natural origin, which is why it does not react with any proteins and tissues of the skin and leaves the skin looking radiant.

Reduces Irregularities
Radiesse 3ml balances the creases and folds in the skin by highlighting facial features. It also smoothes out the areas of the skin which have convex veins, which fights dryness and reduced elasticity of the skin.

Restores Volume
This dermal filler restores the volume of sunken cheeks due to aging. Due to its catalytic properties, the elasticity of the epidermis is repaired, which tightens the face overall.

Improves Jaw
The contours of the jaw and chin are improved by injecting Radiesse 3ml. It increases their symmetry and makes these areas much more prominent.

Removes Swelling
Radiesse 3ml consists of calcium hydroxyapatite, an element that does not attract water. So, this remedy suits all patients who have a problem of increased swelling.

Who should use Radiesse 3ml?

This procedure is targeted towards patients looking for:

  1. To remove sagging of chin and cheek.
  2. To remove the wrinkles, especially those extending from the corner of the mouth to the corner of the nose.
  3. To turn their face oval with clarity.

Who should not use Radiesse 3ml?

There are certain conditions when this dermal filler should not be used. It is patients with the following conditions:

  1. Being pregnant or during the lactation period.
  2. Having epilepsy and oncological diseases.
  3. People with serious blood and autoimmune diseases.
  4. People with skin diseases.
  5. People who are allergic to the ingredients of the drug.
  6. People with diabetes.
  7. People who have a high predisposition to the formation of keloid scars.



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