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Tips to Invite Patients to Return
Reopening Plan

If your operation is ready to reopen and/or ramp up after COVID-19, you’ll need an effective communication plan to spread the word to your patients.

As medical operations across the country prepare to reopen their doors, one key question they’re asking themselves is how to effectively communicate their plans to patients. They must not only update their patients on hours and service availability, but also explain any health and safety protocols that are in place.

Getting patient communications right is critical to your success in a post-pandemic world, as patients are looking for businesses that make them feel safe and secure.

Ensure you address any sources of uncertainty
and fear to bring patients back in the door.

If you’re preparing a communication strategy for announcing your reopening, follow these tips to help you spread the word and inspire confidence among your patients.

Create a unified message for multiple channels

Effective, consistent communications during a these times will help you maintain patient trust, restore team confidence, and retain stability. Consistent messaging across all channels is the key.

Any message you send right now should be timely, relevant, empathetic and considerate of your patients’ current needs. Before you make any announcements, meet with your team to ensure everyone understands the message you’re sending to returning patients.

Once you have your core messaging in place, you can create your messaging for following platforms:

  • Website. Update your web site home page so your reopening plans and protocols are front and center. Consider a ‘pop up’ to make it clear to your patients that you are ready to safely service them.
  • Social media channels. Create a series of posts for every social media platform your practice uses and consistently push them out leading up to your reopening, as well as during your first few weeks back in business. Frequent updates about your staff and operations will show your staff are available to service your patients.
  • Email newsletter. Craft an email to go out to your entire patient base and get the information they need directly to their inbox.
  • Text message/SMS. If your practice uses SMS marketing, stay in touch with your patients via text message to let them know about your reopening plans.
  • Customer service. Whether they support your patients by phone, email, or in person, make sure all team members know how to address patient concerns.

Most importantly, be prepared to answer common questions from your patients and enable your team to be as helpful as possible.

To summarize, medical operations with a well organized re-opening plan, and communicate their plan clearly and consistently to their patients, will benefit the most from this unique time.

From the Health Supplies Team, we wish you continued success and a prosperous 2021.

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