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How Long Does It Take for Juvederm to Settle After Treatment?
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Lines and wrinkles are a natural part of the aging process — and only are compounded with excessive sun exposure over a lifetime — but you don’t have to put up with them. Juvederm is a great way to smooth out those lines and add volume to the face.

How Long Does It Take Juvederm to Settle?

Juvederm is the world’s most popular dermal filler, and people love it for the way it quickly renews the skin and adds volume to areas of hollowness. It’s also well-regarded as a fast, easy treatment with no post-treatment downtime. However, Juvederm does need a little time to settle before final results become visible.

How Juvederm Works

Once the dermal filler enters the target area, it starts moving through the skin, smoothing out wrinkles, filling in hollows, and immediately improving the look of your skin. Then the product begins to break down and enter your dermal tissue, where it binds to water molecules. The result is beautifully hydrated, volumized skin.

The primary ingredient in Juvederm is hyaluronic acid, which is a sugar our bodies naturally produce. This bio-chemical is capable of attracting and holding onto 1,000 times its own weight in water.

Final Results

This dermal filler works naturally, much like the hyaluronic acid your body produces naturally. Because it works this way, it takes up to three weeks to fully settle into your skin. This means that while you’ll see an immediate improvement after treatment, you won’t see your final results right away.

Enhancing Results

There are a few things patients can do to enhance treatment results and see them more quickly. The first is to avoid alcohol for a week or so after treatment. Alcohol is diuretic – expelling water from the body – that will actively work against the filler and the results you want to see.

The second thing to avoid during this time, is the sun. The sun’s UV rays can actually destroy the hyaluronic acid in the filler, so wear protective clothing and a good sunscreen if you do go out in the sun. Finally, don’t engage in strenuous exercise on the first few days after treatment. The sweating and elevated body temperatures will prevent the filler from settling as quickly as it should.

What Is Juvederm?

This product is part of a family of fillers, all of them formulated with hyaluronic acid. They’re all used to combat signs of aging, and each particular Juvederm formula is designed to specifically address different issues or areas of the face.

What’s In It

Each formulation of Juvederm of filler has a hyaluronic acid gel of varying thicknesses. Different thicknesses are appropriate for different areas of the face or different concerns – some are perfect for lipstick lines, while others are made to address those really deep wrinkles. The Juvederm gel goes to work directly — lifting the skin from underneath, and it does so naturally so that no one will realize you’ve had a treatment unless you tell them.

Because hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring sugar, it’s very rare for anyone to have an allergic reaction to it.

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What Can Juvederm Help With?

Fine Lines

If you’re just starting to see lines around your eyes, mouth, or forehead, Juvederm can help. These lines start out nearly invisible, but over time they will likely deepen. For pro-active patients, this dermal filler is a great way to prevent the first signs of aging from turning into deeper wrinkles.


Deeper wrinkles develop because of the constant movement of our muscles as we make expressions and from the breakdown of collagen in the skin. As we get older, our skin produces less and less of this important protein, but thankfully, dermal fillers can treat even severe static wrinkles.

Skin Laxity

As our skin develops fine lines and wrinkles and loses it’s natural collagen, it tends to become more lax. The strong structure underneath, a matrix built and sustained by collagen, begins to lose it’s strength and durability. Dermal fillers help this matrix to rebuild, lifting the skin and tightening it to restore a youthful look.

Loss of Volume

Another effect of collagen loss is a hollowed or sunken look, and especially to the cheeks. There are various reasons for this, but a hyaluronic acid injection brings water and volume back to the area, strengthening and lifting the skin.

Changes to Lip Volume and Definition

Our lips are also affected by aging. Many people find their lips becoming thinner and would like a discreet way to minimize this problem as well as the fine lines that start to develop around the lips. A dermal filler is the perfect way to naturally revitalize the look of your lips, without the need for invasive surgery.

FAQ About Juvederm

How Long Does the Treatment Last?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as it will depend on your age, the severity of your skin issues, the precise formula of the product used in your treatment, the natural rate at which your body metabolizes the filler, and how you treat your skin after receiving your injections. However, patients can generally expect to enjoy good results for at least six months. For some patients, depending on what part of the face they get treated, they may see their results last for up to two years.

Over time, the hyaluronic acid in Juvederm will dissolve just as your body’s naturally produced hyaluronic acid does. It will be absorbed, and your results will slowly fade. Many patients choose to keep their results seamless by scheduling a touch-up injection as soon as they notice a difference – or even before.


As stated, the way you treat your skin post-treatment will influence the length of your results. Simply put, if you practice good skincare habits, you can expect your results to last longer. Avoid direct sun exposure, stay hydrated, and adhere to good exfoliation, cleansing, and hydrating habits to see the best results.

Who Is the Ideal Candidate for Treatment?

The right candidate for dermal filler treatment (such as Juvederm) is healthy, seeing mild to severe lines and wrinkles in their face, and wants to address them with a non-invasive, effective treatment. The average patient seeking a dermal filler is over the age of 40, but it’s increasingly common for people as young as 20 to 40 to seek treatment in order to address and prevent early signs of aging and keep their skin looking healthy and young.

Dermal filler treatment is perfect for both men and women, and it’s suitable for every type and color of skin.

If your skin is particularly lax, this might not be the best treatment for you. While it can address mild skin laxity, it cannot deal with more severe issues. The best way to find out if you’re a candidate is consult with your physician — most people who are interested in this dermal filler are candidates for it.

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