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How Is Radiesse Different Than HA Fillers?
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There are many types of dermal fillers available for patients on the market today. Each filler is uniquely formulated to provide particular attributes such as thick and volumizing versus thin and spreadable, or even stiff and supportive — all are designed to treat different skin types and aesthetic correction requirements. It can sometimes be overwhelming for patients to decide which dermal filler is the right product for them. For patients considering cosmetic treatments to rejuvenate their aging face, Radiesse is one of the more unique dermal fillers available.

Most dermal fillers are formulated based on a naturally occurring substance called hyaluronic acid (HA). Unlike HA based fillers, Radiesse is made with calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA), which is stiffer than HA gel fillers and therefore provides good support in challenging areas such as the nasolabial folds, chin, and jaw line. Radiesse lasts 12-14 months and stimulates collagen production.

What is Radiesse?

These days, dermal fillers are among the most requested cosmetic treatments to restore facial volume and treat hollow or sagging skin. Radiesse can be used to reduce temple concavity, create more visible cheekbones, soften the nasolabial folds, strengthen the jaw line and chin, as well as to reduce the appearance of aging hands. Radiesse successfully fills in lines and creases, adds volume, and provides support to structures while promoting collagen formation.

How the advanced Radiesse formula works

What sets Radiesse apart from HA dermal fillers? Our own body’s collagen is one of the most essential components of firm and healthy skin. The calcium hydroxylapatite solution in Radiesse helps the body produce more collagen for results that increases over time. This means treatment with Radiesse will continue to work after the initial procedure is complete.

Radiesse offers the following benefits:

  • Lifts and contours the skin
  • Corrects mild to moderate wrinkles
  • Stimulates collagen production (over time)
  • Long-term improvement of skin quality
  • Easy and convenient treatment

Longer-lasting results with Radiesse

In addition to renewed collagen production, Radiesse also offers more sustained results than many hyaluronic acid fillers. Depending on the treatment area and amount used, Radiesse can last between one year and 14 months. Based on every patient’s individual needs and goals, a trained practitioner will advise when to return for follow-up sessions.

What to expect after Radiesse Treatment

One of the biggest advantages of Radiesse is that it requires virtually no downtime after treatment. Patients can receive treatment in the morning or afternoon and return to work the same day. Patients can even resume normal physical exercise the following day. Trained practitioners will advise what to expect after Radiesse and provide information about addressing possible side effects, such as mild redness and swelling, or bruising that may occur.

Buy Radiesse Online

Patients sometimes have a difficult time choosing the right dermal filler. This is why it’s best for patients to seek advice from a trained and board-certified practitioner. By speaking with their doctor, patients can learn what to expect after Radiesse and how it can benefit them. Licensed doctors are able to buy Radiesse online at Health Supplies Plus.

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