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Fill Sunken Cheeks with Restylane Lyft
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Ready or not, our face is one of the first areas of the body to show signs of aging, and as you grow older, the cheeks will begin to hollow out. An effective anti-aging treatment for sunken cheeks is Restylane Lyft, and it has even been approved by the FDA for this exact purpose.

Since it’s a dermal filler, Restylane Lyft is delivered via injection, and after it has been given enough time to settle and spread, it will restore lost volume in your cheeks. Even better, it’s even effective for correcting smile lines and signs of aging in the mid-face region.

How Restylane Lyft Restores Volume

If you’re looking for a non-surgical way to address various problems caused by volume loss, then this treatment is well worth considering. It’s important to understand that Restylane Lyft is designed to naturally reverse the signs of aging, and with the help of water from your body, it restores volume to the sunken areas of the face. Over time, your body will lose fat volume under the skin, and these unavoidable changes almost always affect the face before other areas of the body.

Restylane Lyft is made of hyaluronic acid gel, a natural biochemical compound already created naturally within your body. The solution is injected into the target area(s), and the gel begins attracting water molecules to that area. Over time, the gel attracts enough water molecules to restore lost volume to hollow areas of the face.

The lack of invasiveness makes Restylane Lyft treatment convenient, easy and effective, and you don’t have to spend any time recovering. When you’re finished with the treatment, you can immediately return to virtually all of your daily activities. Many patients even have their treatment performed in the morning before heading into work.

How Well Does Restylane Lyft Work?

Many patients find it difficult to believe that such incredible benefits can be achieved so simply, effectively with water inside their body. Clinical trials show that 95 percent of patients who receive Restylane Lyft are happy with the results, and they continued to enjoy the results for quite some time. Around 12 months after receiving the injections, over 70 percent of patients were still happy with the results.


There’s a reason why everyone from prominent news organizations to Instagram influencers are talking about the effectiveness of hyaluronic acid injections. And not only are these products very good at increasing volume by attracting water molecules, but the hyaluronic acid can also invigorate your skin and encourage your body to produce more collagen. This in turn leads to an even more effective rejuvenation effect.

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