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5 Reasons Why You Should Try PDO Threads
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As we age, our skin tissue loses collagen and will inevitably lose volume and sag. As a result, we acquire a tired, exhausted appearance – and our face does not look as attractive as it once did. However, if you are not ready to face this lack of facial vitality, there’s great news – modern aesthetic medicine offers a wide range of methods that will help in maintaining a fresh and youthful appearance, with long lasting results.

One such aesthetic medicine method is known as a PDO thread lift procedure. But what exactly are PDO threads? How do they function? And, finally, what are the main 5 reasons why you should try a PDO thread lift? Let’s take a look together!

What Is a PDO Thread Lift?

A PDO thread lift is a cosmetic procedure used to tighten and lift sagging skin by means of dissolvable polydioxanone sutures. It is a minimally invasive treatment, only requiring around 45 minutes to complete, in most cases.

Due to its minor invasiveness, and great results, a PDO thread lift might serve as a solid alternative to facelift surgery, for many patients. On the one hand, it won’t provide you with such a strong effect as full surgical facelift. But on the other hand, it is safer and requires little-to-no downtime.

PDO threads

It typically targets the following parts of the face:

  • Forehead
  • Browline
  • Under-eye area
  • Cheeks
  • Jowls
  • Jawline

And also, sometimes PDO threads are used to lift breasts, to provide a lifting rejuvenation. A thread-based breast lift procedure takes approximately one hour, depending on the number of threads used. On average, around 50 threads are needed for a breast uplift. The first effects are visible instantly, but considerable improvement appears after 2 or 3 months, following the continuous regeneration of collagen. The positive effects of a breast thread lift can last up to 2 years.

Despite the fact that these sutures are considered to be a safe treatment, you might still experience such minor side effects as:

  • Irritation of the treatment area, including redness, swelling, and bruising
  • Minor bleeding

In rare cases, the thread lift treatment might lead to the following complications:

  • An allergic reaction to any constituent of a thread
  • An unintended shift or movement of a thread
  • Infection
  • Lingering pain

Please keep in mind that you will have to contact your health care practitioner as soon as possible, in case you experience any of the above-mentioned complications.

What Are the Main Types of PDO Threads?

Before talking about the main types of PDO threads, it is essential to mention that there exist three main types of facelift sutures, namely:

  • PDO (polydioxanone)
  • PLA (polylactic acid)
  • PCA (polycaprolactone)

Among the three above-mentioned suture types, PDO threads are the oldest and most widely used. In fact, they started to be applied in surgeries in the 1980s.

PDO threads can be subdivided into the following classifications:

Each PDO thread type has its own unique characteristics and is used for different treatments. Based on your individual skin condition and desired results, your health care practitioner will be able to determine which suture type fits best for you.

How Does a PDO Thread Lift Work?

The working principle of a PDO thread lift is fairly straightforward. Once inserted into your skin, the sutures start to take effect in a couple of ways:

First, they provide you with instant lifting and skin tightening that, in turn, result in fewer fine lines and wrinkles. As well, the injection of PDO threads immediately helps reduce the severity of any double chin.

Second, PDO threads stimulate natural collagen production which, over time, improves your skin texture and youthfulness. As a result, you may benefit from rejuvenated and much more elastic skin.

Depending on your personal skin condition, a single PDO thread lift might not be enough for visible skin rejuvenation. Your experienced health care practitioner will be able to tell how many treatments will you need to achieve the desired result, based on your unique personal situation.

5 Reasons to Try PDO Threads

There are a wide number reasons why you should try a PDO thread lift. Here’s 5 of the top reasons:

  1. A PDO thread lift provides healthy collagen stimulation. Apart from providing you with immediate, visible lifting of your skin’s surface, the sutures stimulate natural collagen growth.
  2. The lift is performed with the help of fully absorbable threads. You won’t have to worry about foreign objects remaining in your body after the procedure, as they will dissolve within a time period of around nine months.
  3. The procedure offers long-lasting results. Most patients will be able to enjoy tight and rejuvenated skin up to 18 months after the treatment.
  4. The treatment is minimally invasive. Unlike a traditional facelift, which is a traditional surgical procedure, a PDO thread lift is very straightforward and has low invasiveness.
  5. PDO thread treatments requires little to no downtime. One more great reason why you should try PDO threads is that the treatment does not require any time off, under normal circumstances. You will be able to return to your normal life shortly after the treatment.


All in all, a PDO thread lift is one of the most popular aesthetic medicine treatments these days. While capable of both instantly lifting your skin and stimulating its natural rejuvenation over time, the procedure is loved by patients and health care practitioners for its effectiveness. Medical professionals can buy PDO threads such as Intraline at Health Supplies Plus, at low wholesale prices.

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