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Why Dermal Fillers Are Popular with Millennials
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The times have changed, and the era of secret plastic surgeries is over. Years ago, patients would expect to hide away from the world for weeks at a time, after receiving aesthetic surgery. These days, millennials have entirely discarded their parents’ perceptions of cosmetic procedures. Dermal fillers play a major role in this shift. So, why exactly are dermal fillers so popular with millennials?

A long list of millennial celebrities has come clean about the amount of work that goes into their beauty regimen. Everything ranging from topical creams and serums, to filler injections. This type of openness and honesty has been working itself into the mainstream for nearly a decade now – and young adults are far less concerned about what their peers might think about having a cosmetic procedure.

However, many wonder why they feel the need to have work done in the first place. After all, their skin is still youthful, plump and gorgeous. The reasons why dermal fillers are popular with millennials may surprise you – let’s take a look.

Prevention is Key

So, who are millennials exactly? The millennial generation is generally recognized to include adults born between 1981 and 1996. So, today’s 30-year-olds fall in this zone. To older generations, it may seem a little overzealous and unnecessary to have cosmetic work done before age 40. But, there is logic to using dermal fillers in your late 20s and 30s.

A 2019 report by the Chicago Tribune revealed that most millennials seeking out cosmetic procedures weren’t aiming to fix existing problems – they probably didn’t have any problems yet. Instead, they wanted to stay ahead of the aging process, to prevent future issues. They refer to it as “prejuvenation” – forget about rejuvenation! Bottom line, millennials are increasingly using dermal fillers to keep their skin looking youthful and delay the effects of aging.

This focus on preventing the negative aspects of aging fits perfectly into the overall millennial obsession with self-care. More than any other recent generation, millennials have focused on getting and staying healthy. They try:

  • Reducing sun exposure
  • Following a strict skincare routine
  • Staying hydrated (this is a huge trend!)
  • Devoting time to stress-reducing activities

That isn’t to say their attempts have been entirely successful – every generation has stress and unhealthy habits. But this focus on self-care is a substantial part of millennial culture, especially for women.

millennials and dermal fillers

The Millennial Approach to Beauty

Studies have shown that people under 35 represent approximately 25% of all aesthetic medicine patients. The vast majority of these are women, over 90%. Millennial women are usually not looking for drastic changes to their appearance. In the past, previous generations sought dramatic anti-aging results and celebrity ‘cloning’. Now, plastic surgeons and dermatologists are finding the average millennial woman is aiming for a more natural look.

How’s this for a trend – many millennial patients are bringing in digitally altered photos of themselves to their initial consultation, to help convey their goals to their doctor. This marks a shift from past generations. In the past, celebrity photos were the ultimate guide for many people seeking out plastic surgery, and patients would bring magazine clippings to their consultations. The result now is a more natural shift towards more achievable goals – minor improvements to the features they already have.

Honesty in Beauty

It may seem a shock at first that someone in their late 20’s would receive dermal fillers. However, the truth is that the millennial relationship to cosmetic procedures is could actually be considered healthier than any previous generation. This is true for three primary reasons:

  1. Celebrities now speak very openly about the procedures they use. This finally allows average people to understand that their looks are a blend of genetic luck, daily cultivation, and cosmetic work.
  2. Millennials are also being more honest with each other about the work they have done – there’s far less ‘shame’ in sharing this info with their friends. This allows information and experiences to be shared more freely – in turn, leading to more .
  3. By starting injections in their late 20s and 30s, millennials can achieve natural-looking, beautiful results. They still address their concerns, but without having to undergo more intensive procedures. They can establish a great look and maintain it for many following years.

Summing Up

Millennials considering dermal fillers as part of their “prejuvenation” routine, are seeking out aesthetic medicine providers at an increasing rate. With this increasing adoption rate of dermal filler procedures, the future is bright for both aesthetic doctors, and the beauty scene in general. Licensed medical practitioners can buy dermal fillers at low wholesale prices at Health Supplies Plus.

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