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Online Filler Shopping: Safety First
dermal fillers buyers guide

Dermal fillers have become a popular choice for cosmetic improvements. They’re often used for non-surgical facial enhancements, serving as an effective alternative to more invasive surgeries or other more intense procedures for anti-aging treatments. These fillers are gentle on the body and deliver quick results.

In just one or two sessions, dermal fillers can address aesthetic issues and signs of aging on both the face and body, all while posing minimal health risks. They primarily contain biodegradable materials like hyaluronic acid, polylactic acid, and calcium hydroxyapatite, which are compatible with our body tissues. These substances eventually break down and are naturally eliminated from the body.

Hyaluronic acid-based fillers are particularly popular due to several benefits:

  • They are completely safe for use with body tissues
  • They have a low risk of negative reactions
  • Their versatility allows for a wide range of uses on the face and body, thanks to their diverse physical properties
  • There’s a broad selection of these products available
  • They offer lasting cosmetic improvements
  • They are cost-effective

Benefits of Purchasing Dermal Fillers Online

Shopping for dermal fillers online comes with several key benefits – let’s run through the best benefits:

Ease of Use

The internet makes shopping simple and convenient. You can comfortably purchase products from your home or office. It also lets you explore multiple stores at once and compare various products and deals without hassle – at any time, day or night.

Saving Money

Online stores often provide better deals than retail, physical outlets. This is because they work directly with dermal filler manufacturers.

More Options

With online shopping, you get access to a broader range of products. Online suppliers have connections with a variety of manufacturers and distributors from around the world, offering you more choices than a local supplier.

Choosing the Right Dermal Fillers Supplier

When looking for a dermal fillers supplier, it’s crucial to consider several key factors to ensure you’re getting authentic products from a reliable source. To make your search easier, we’ve compiled a list of essential aspects to check when selecting an online supplier:

1. Company Contact Options:

  • Ensure there’s a phone number available for calls
  • If phone calls aren’t your preference, look for an online contact form or email address that connects you with actual staff members, not just automated responses
  • Being able to communicate with real company representatives is a good sign of a trustworthy supplier

2. Product Identification:

  • Injectable products typically have unique identifiers, like batch codes or numbers, on their packaging for tracking and potential recalls
  • According to FDA regulations, these products should also display a clear expiration date, indicated by month and year
  • These details must always be visible on the package, except in cases where the date shown is the manufacturing date. In such instances, the expiration term might be set for a specific duration post-manufacture (when unopened) and during usage (once opened).
  • If anything is unclear, don’t hesitate to ask the seller for more product identification information and certificates before buying.


Be wary of dermal fillers priced significantly lower than similar products, as they could be counterfeit or of inferior quality. Even though dermal filler prices fluctuate due to market competition and seasonal sales, wholesalers typically purchase from manufacturers at a consistent price range. An unusually low price should raise concerns.

Brand Verification

Examine the product brands listed on the website. But beware – counterfeits are often easy to spot, with intentionally misspelled brand names on the packaging. Counterfeits can look deceptively similar to the real thing. Authentic products usually feature an official holographic sticker. Check for any discrepancies, such as incorrect fonts, by comparing with the manufacturer’s official website.

Social Media Presence

A company’s activity on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn can indicate legitimacy. Look for active, regularly updated profiles showcasing relevant information, product photos, and employee engagement. A responsive company that interacts with customer comments also enhances trust.

Customer Reviews

Pay attention to customer feedback. Search for the company on review platforms like Google Maps, or check reviews on their website. Remember, while not all online stores appear on review sites, widespread negative feedback is a strong indicator of fraudulent practices.

Placing Your Dermal Filler Order Online: An Easy Guide

Let’s walk through how to order on the Health Supplies Plus website, step by step.

First up, you’ll need to set up an account. Visit the Registration page to get started. It’s free to register. Make sure you’re a licensed medical professional. Pick a username and password – these are just for you, so don’t share them with others.

Making Payments

Easily pay online using your credit card.

Safe Delivery of Dermal Fillers

Once we process your order, you’ll get a tracking number and shipping details. You can track your package anytime to see its current location.

Receiving Dermal Fillers: What to Check

Upon arrival, ensure the product is sealed, unaltered, and in the original packaging. Examine the package’s condition. Also, verify the expiration date to ensure the filler is not expired.

Storing Dermal Fillers

Your online purchase will include a document with specific storage instructions. Please read it thoroughly and adhere to these guidelines to keep the filler safe. Improper storage can damage the filler and pose risks when used.

Typically, manufacturers advise storing fillers in a cool, dry, and dark place at room temperature, not exceeding 25 degrees Celsius. Some products may require colder conditions or refrigeration.

Why Checking Expiration Dates is Important

Dermal fillers have expiration dates to ensure they’re safe and effective. This date guarantees the filler’s strength, quality, and purity, provided it’s stored correctly as indicated on the package. Using a filler past this date can lead to unstable results and potential harm to patients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are dermal fillers safe?

Generally, dermal fillers are safe with minimal risks of short-term, minor side effects. The risk level depends on how the procedure is performed and the type of filler used. Rare but serious complications can include infection, lumpy skin appearance, movement of the filler, scarring, or even blocked blood vessels leading to tissue damage or blindness.

Is buying dermal fillers online legal?

Yes, if you’re a licensed medical professional. We verify our customers’ credentials to ensure they’re authorized to handle these products. When registering, please have your up-to-date, valid medical license information available for review.

What are the risks of purchasing dermal fillers online?

Be wary of counterfeit fillers and fraudulent sellers. Counterfeits can cause allergic reactions, tissue damage, or infection. Always buy from certified sellers, like Health Supplies Plus.

How can I identify authentic dermal fillers online?

Spotting fake fillers can be tough. Look for unique packaging features that are hard to replicate. Be cautious of products with different brand names but similar claims to genuine ones, as they may contain harmful ingredients.


Buying dermal fillers online can be a smart choice with a trusted supplier. We at Health Supplies Plus prioritize convenience and customer support. Contact our team via phone for more information.

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