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Lip Fillers and Alcohol
lip fillers and alcohol

One aesthetic trend that shows no sign of slowing is lip fillers in younger patients. So-called Millennials are a generation blessed with the availability of modern lip fillers that can conveniently and inexpensively refine and enhance their natural lips. Lip fillers provide the opportunity for men and women who are not satisfied with their natural lips, to address balance, refine and perhaps most commonly, gain a juicy boost to their lips with a simple treatment.

These younger patients, however, often tend to have a very active social life, involving trips to nightclubs and bars with friends. We all know that it can be difficult to resist enjoying drinks with friends during a night on the town – but alcohol on the same day as lip fillers don’t make a good mix.

Dermal Filler Post Care Guidance

While dermal filler treatments of all types are considered very safe, with minimal side effects, there are a few post-care guidelines that patients are requested to follow. All of these steps are required to ensure that the filler treatment is completely successful and not comprised. There are both immediate post-care steps, and step to follow over the following 24-48 hours after treatment.

In the minutes immediately after treatment, recommendations typically include:

  • Avoid touching and massaging the treated area
  • Apply makeup gently
  • Don’t exercise vigorously

And for the next 24-48 hours, guidelines typically include:

  • Use a pillow when sleeping to slightly elevate your head
  • Use a good sunscreen
  • Avoid alcohol consumption

Alcohol Consumption after Lip Fillers

All of the post-care steps requested your doctor are important to follow. But if you break these guidelines, such as applying makeup too forcefully, or take a short walk with no sunscreen, you might not actually impair your filler treatment. But if you consume excessive alcohol on the same day you receive your lip fillers, you will most likely notice the consequences. Some patients may not believe that there are actually potential effects of drinking right after their treatment.

But there is a high risk of complications if you drink alcohol on the same (or following) day of receiving lip fillers. That’s because alcohol acts as a blood thinner – making our blood thin-out, and flow more freely in our blood vessels. This leads to increased blood flow throughout the body. When hyaluronic acid (HA) based lip fillers are injected, the HA draws water to itself and ‘locks’ the moisture in place. When your blood is flowing more freely, there’s more water circulating, and an increased opportunity for moisture to be collected in the treatment area.

And with the lips being such a small area, with extremely thin skin, any unexpected volumes of water accumulation can create very noticeable effects. In short, the lips get extremely puffed-up.

Many brave women have shared their blunders on TikTok, showing the visible results of drinking the same day they receive their lip fillers – and then waking up the next morning with more than just a hangover and hazy memories.

Kayleigh Cunningham, revealed how her lips doubled in size the morning after a night out of drinking. Credit: TikTok/@kayleighcunningham10/
Kayleigh drank two bottles of wine after getting lip filler earlier in the day. Credit: TikTok/@kayleighcunningham10/

Another patient, Taylor-Jay, 21, got puffier lips than expected when her face swelled up after consuming alcohol the same day as her lip injections.

@taylor.04x Thank god they no longer look like this #lipfiller ♬ original sound – 🌟

Another brave patient who shared her blunder on TikTok reported that she didn’t drink ‘that much’ alcohol, but her lips swelled nearly triple their normal size. And while things returned to normal in a few days, she reported the pain was ‘ridiculous’.

lip fillers 3
Morgan Proudlock took to TikTok to reveal what happened when she drank alcohol after having lip filler. @mp1997x/TikTok

Wrapping Up

Thankfully, most patients will diligently follow both pre and post-care treatment guidelines. But sometimes, the temptation to celebrate one’s newly-boosted lips with friend during a night on the town is too much to resist. Alcohol consumption on the same day of receiving lip fillers can definitely cause unintended results. If you do want to hit the town the same evening you received your lip fillers, always opt for non-alcoholic beverages to avoid unintended swelling. Licensed medical practitioners can buy lip fillers online at Health Supplies Plus.

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