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Juvederm Volux 101
juvederm volux cost

Juvederm Volux is a specially designed dermal filler, created for injecting into the jawline and chin. It is made up of high-quality Hyaluronic Acid and is natural and risk free. This article will explore this dermal filler’s characteristics and benefits – and in addition, the average Juvederm Volux cost.

The consistency of Volux is quite dense. It mimics the bone and provides great definition. It also lasts long – up to 2 years or more.

What is Jawline Filler?

There are a number of factors that age your face. Genetics, collagen breakdown, repetitive facial expressions and bone loss play a role in facial aging. Jawline loss and loss of volume are major issues faced by many people. The structures and well-defined curves of the face become saggy and jowly with time.

Before Juvederm Volux, the best approach was using HA-based medium-to-high density fillers, but Juvederm Volux changed things upon its introduction. It is specifically designed for usage in high density areas. It is like a gel that shapes your jawline and chin.

According to a survey 51% of people want to reshape their jawline and chin. Many people are concerned about aging and many patients choose to contour their face to reduce the visual effects of aging.

Juvederm Volux is a great option to assist with facial re-shaping. It has been created to shape patients’ jawline and reduce the aging effects. Juvederm Volux is typically injected into the lower face through a cannula. It builds up the jawline giving the face a lifted and sculpted feature.

If injections are done carefully, it will improve the balance, harmony and symmetry of the face. This jawline filler is mostly chosen by people to enhance and beautify their facial features.  It will enhance your patient’s confidence and improve their skin.

In short, Juvederm Volux is a great choice for patients who want to reshape the face, look better and improve their facial features and appearance.

How Much Does Juvederm Volux Cost?

The cost of any dermal filler, including the Juvederm Volux cost, depends upon the quantity used or the number of treatments required. When you inject in some areas, some other facial areas may also need to be injected, to create a balanced effect. For instance, if you are injecting the chin then for balancing and better appearance you will have to inject the cheeks too. Some patients will benefit from multiple treatments to get the best benefit. In most cases, the Juvederm Volux cost makes perfect sense, as it can be layered with time for achieving your desired results – making it a great value.

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