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Does Radiesse Build Collagen?
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Collagen loss due to the natural aging process makes your skin look dull, wrinkled, and less firm. Fortunately, patients can take advantage of cosmetic dermal fillers to fight the signs of aging. And with collagen-boosting fillers like Radiesse, patients can age gracefully and always look their best.

Does Radiesse Build Collagen?

Unlike other dermal fillers, Radiesse has a unique formula that can stimulate the body’s own production of new collagen. As a result, you can experience anti-aging benefits such as firmer skin and increased volume up to a year or more after treatment.

You get both long-term and short-term benefits with this dermal filler. In addition to boosting collagen production over time, this filler can also smooth mild to moderate wrinkles and fine lines, thanks to its volume-boosting and skin firming capabilities.

How Does It Radiesse Work?

Radiesse contains microspheres of calcium hydroxyapatite (CaHa) that are responsible for stimulating connective tissues in the body. These microspheres are found in the gel carrier that is injected into selected areas of the face. CaHa encourages the body to produce collagen and strengthen the skin’s structure. After your treatment, you’ll notice an improvement in volume and smoothness of the skin.

And as time passes, the gel carrier in the filler is absorbed naturally by the body. This mechanism kickstarts the process of natural collagen production, which can last for a year or longer. As your body produces higher amounts of collagen, the skin becomes firmer and healthier, ultimately fighting the signs of aging and providing a younger look.

In What Ways Does Radiesse Prevent Skin Aging?

Maintains Skin Elasticity

Collagen is an essential protein that adds volume to the skin by supporting underlying tissue structures. By receiving collagen-boosting dermal fillers, you can maintain youthful skin that’s firm, supple, and free of major wrinkles. Collagen is very important in maintaining youthful skin because it’s responsible for renewing cells and maintaining skin elasticity.

Promotes the Growth of New Collagen

Collagen loss occurs as we age. When the body loses this essential protein, wrinkles and fine lines show. Nevertheless, you can fight the signs of aging by getting dermal fillers that work in the deep layers of the skin to stimulate new collagen growth. It’s possible to take years off your appearance once you find the perfect filler and skincare treatments that can support collagen growth – like Radiesse.

Collagen-boosting fillers are composed of calcium hydroxyapatite (CaHA) microspheres which contain hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon as primary components. These components support the skin’s structure and allow new collagen to be produced. When injected into the lower layers of the skin, dermal fillers can deliver exceptional results by working with your natural chemistry.

Restores Lost Volume

Moderate to severe wrinkles and facial folds are often the result of loss in skin volume, caused by aging. Radiesse can plump up your skin and provide an instant lift, especially in the lower areas of the face. As a result, facial folds and many wrinkles are minimized. Additionally, this collagen-boosting filler can provide a refreshed, youthful appearance with benefits that may last for up to a year or more.

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What Cosmetic Issues Can You Treat Using Radiesse?

Deep Lines on the Sides of the Nose

Prominent nasolabial folds are typically caused by loss of skin elasticity and volume. Dermal fillers can minimize the appearance of these unwanted lines and creases, running from the side of the nose to the corner of the mouth. When strategically injected into certain areas in the face, dermal fillers can minimize the appearance of unwanted lines, wrinkles, and folds.

Droopiness and Sagging in the Jowls

Sagging jowls can be caused by a loss of skin laxity brought on by aging. These areas on either side of your chin can significantly impact the way you look. And with volume loss in the skin affecting the lower face, you may notice sagging and droopiness in the jowls as a result.

Facial Lines Around the Corners of the Mouth

Marionette lines, which may extend along the chin and jawline, can make you look angry all the time, and cause sagging in the corners of the mouth. The fact is, collagen loss and skin laxity are the main reasons why the skin facial lines form. To minimize unwanted lines or perhaps prevent them from deepening, you can opt for filler treatment to restore collagen and support firmer, smoother skin.

Wrinkles Across the Chin

Over time, age-related chin wrinkles can appear, leaving a permanent crease even when your face is relaxed. By injecting dermal fillers and filling the space under the chin crease, patients can smooth out the contours of the chin and jawline. The result can be a more friendly and relaxed appearance.

Why Choose Radiesse Fillers?

Achieve Visible, Effective Results

Because Radiesse provides volume and stimulates collagen growth deep within the skin, it works far more effectively than topical creams and treatments. When it comes to fighting the signs of aging and reducing skin imperfections, Radiesse can provide visible, satisfying results without the need for downtime or surgery.

As mentioned, collagen-boosting fillers can improve your body’s natural production of essential proteins that support the skin’s structure. This rejuvenating, anti-aging process will occur gradually over time.

Notice Improvements Right Away

You can enjoy firmer, more youthful-looking skin immediately after receiving the treatment. Filler injections improve the skin’s plumpness and volume in the short term. A week after the treatment, you’ll get the full results, including a boost in natural collagen production.

Collagen-boosting dermal fillers can give you instant benefits and results while offering a way to slow down the aging process. The treatment cannot eliminate severe wrinkles, but you’ll notice visible, significant changes in your overall appearance.

Enjoy Long-Term Anti-Aging Benefits

As the body absorbs the microspheres of calcium hydroxyapatite in collagen-boosting fillers, the collagen it has helped build stays in the skin for much longer. As a result, even after the fillers have worn off, you can still possess naturally youthful, supple skin. It’s not unusual for the benefits of dermal fillers to last for as long as 18 months up to two years.

Maintain Your Results With Ease

Maintaining your anti-aging results from dermal fillers won’t take so much of your time at all. Patients may only require repeat treatments approximately once per year.


Dermal fillers can be your secret to aging gracefully and maintaining the most youthful, healthy appearance. Patients looking to minimize wrinkles, facial lines and sagging skin brought on by collagen loss can benefit from Radiesse treatment. For medical professionals looking to buy Radiesse online, Health Supplies Plus offers low wholesale pricing and first-rate customer service.

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