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Dermal Fillers After Weight Loss
dermal fillers weight loss

Can weight loss cause wrinkles?

Common signs of aging, such as wrinkles, fine lines, and crow’s feet, typically start to appear in someone’s mid-30s. However, there are certain situations that can cause early and subtle wrinkles to become noticeable very quickly. The most common of these situations is weight loss.

Weight loss can cause wrinkles or sagging skin, as the skin that was once stretched loses the original volume that once supported it. When a person loses a lot of weight, their skin loses its elasticity and can turn sallow, dehydrated, and wrinkled. The more weight that is lost by the patient, the older the skin may look.

This generally happens when patients don’t take care special care of their skin. Factors such as dehydrated skin, lifestyle choices such as smoking and poor diet, and how quickly you lose weight can all contribute to how the skin reacts.

Treating wrinkles after weight loss

Treatment for wrinkles caused by weight loss depends on how much weight was lost, and the pace at which it was lost. Those who have lost a small amount of weight and have only slight wrinkling on the neck and face can definitely opt for dermal filler injections. However, those who have lost a large amount of weight and have excessive, sagging skin may need to undergo cosmetic surgery to have the excess skin removed.

Dermal fillers can help to add volume and make the skin smoother. Cosmetic injectables restore volume under the skin and can minimize fine lines and wrinkles and help rejuvenate the skin. Many patients receive dermal filler injections before and after going through weight loss. This treatment can also help to improve the natural-looking contours of the face. Dermal fillers such as Radiesse and Sculptra can also stimulate collagen renewal, making the effects last long after the filler has dissolved. Other brands, such as Restylane, Juvederm, and Belotero, also have hyaluronic-acid based dermal fillers which can help restore larger amounts of volume.

Does weight loss affect dermal fillers?

The effects of weight loss on dermal fillers will differ from person to person. Generally, if you are planning to lose weight, your doctor may tell you to wait until you are closer to or you have hit your target weight loss goal.

There are some areas of the face where patients can receive dermal filler injections before reaching a stable weight, which include the corners of the mouth, the hollows under the eyes, and the nasolabial smile lines.

Although dermal fillers will remain in the place they were injected, weight loss can cause the face to lose volume. This will affect the desired look and a touch up treatment may be needed as more weight is lost. However, there are set-in-stone rules when it comes to dermal filler injections while losing weight since every individual is affected differently – some patients’ faces will not change at all after weight loss, while other patients will see significant changes.

Dermal filler benefits

Cosmetic dermal fillers can be used by patients who are experiencing sagging skin or wrinkles caused by weight loss. By getting dermal filler injections in the hollow areas where weight has been lost, the patient can maintain their youthful appearance. Depending on the type of filler treatment selected, it may even stimulate new collagen to form, rebuilding the support under the skin. Some fillers can also work to keep the skin hydrated, which is an important factor in the functionality of the skin. As well, some fillers can help augment facial contours, such as the jawline or cheekbones for a more refined appearance.

Can sagging skin be prevented?

Sagging skin can be prevented in some individuals. While wrinkles and sagging skin can be caused by how quickly the weight is lost, the health of the skin, and various other lifestyle and health factors, genetic makeup can also affect the skin’s appearance after significant weight loss. In addition, the amount of weight lost may also affect the skin.

If you are planning to lose weight, you can start by planning to lose weight gradually. This will also help you keep the weight off. As you begin to lose weight, ensure to keep yourself hydrated by drinking adequate water. Sun protection will also go a long way, as well as using moisturizers that are rich in retinoid. Once you’ve hit your target weight loss goal, you can opt for dermal fillers. Be sure to discuss your options with a licensed doctor to achieve your desired look.

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