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SkinSeqnc M-SEQNC Eye Gel


M-SEQNC Eye Gel contains high concentrations of cell-free conditioned media carefully derived from hUC-MSCs. M-SEQNC Eye gel provides a sequence of bioactive molecules tailored for delicate skin, that targets deep wrinkles around the eyes and reduces the look of dark circles.

SkinSeqnc is a breakthrough player in the topical skin care industry, and is revolutionizing skincare through its unrivaled cell-free regenerative technology, which harnesses the power of human mesenchymal stem cells extracted from the lining of the umbilical cord (hUC-MSC).

SkinSeqnc harnesses the latest technology to promote skin cell regeneration. But how exactly?

Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) play a pivotal role in regenerative processes and healing by differentiating into a variety of cell types, such as skin, muscle, neural, and corneal cells, among others.

The SkinSeqnc cell-free conditioned media, secreted from human umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells (hUC-MSC), encompasses numerous advantageous elements. These include cytokines, interleukin-6, and a variety of growth factors that play a vital role in enhancing the functionality of fibroblasts, as well as promoting cell proliferation and regeneration. The potent “Media-Sequence” (M-SEQNC) exceeds industry standard proficiency to help improve skin damage and efficiently modulate healing.


M-SEQNC Eye Gel contains high concentrations of cell-free conditioned media derived from hUC-MSCs. Imbued with a comprehensive blend of regenerative bioactive molecules, the M-SEQNC Eye Gel acts as a catalyst for skin cell renewal to help rebuild skin structural layers, revealing youthfulness & radiance. Using M-SEQNC Eye Gel for post-procedure care encourages faster skin recovery.


The main components of M-SEQNC Eye Gel include these power-house bio-chemicals:


Cytokines function as protein-based communicators that facilitate immune response and promote the migration of cells towards areas of inflammation, infection, and injury.


Interleukin-6 is a specific form of cytokine, a protein that plays a vital role in facilitating the healing process.


Microvesicles act as transporters of proteins and mRNA between cells, assisting in tissue regeneration and preserving cell integrity by eliminating harmful substances from the cell.

Vascular Epidermal Growth Factor

Commonly referred to as VEGFs, these factors encourage the growth of new blood vessels (angiogenesis) and wound healing through the activation of VEGFR family receptors.


Fibroblasts are a type of fibrous cellular material that aids in creating connective tissue, providing support and connection to other tissues or organs within the body. They are the principal cells involved in the production and secretion of collagen proteins, which are essential in maintaining the structural integrity of tissues. Additionally, fibroblasts play a key role in wound healing and scar reduction.



Active Substances

hUC-MSC Cell-Free Media


1 x 15 mL Pump Bottle

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