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Category: Teosyal®


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  • TEOSYAL® RHA 4 is an injectable dermal filler containing cross-linked and non-modified hyaluronic acid along with the anesthetic lidocaine. This dermal filler gel is elastic, moving and stretching in areas of the face with active movement, and is suitable for restoring or adding facial volume.

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  • TEOSYAL® ULTIMATE is an injectable reticulated hyaluronic acid gel. Inject TEOSYAL® ULTIMATE into the subdermal layers of the dermis to restore volume to the face or to sculpt facial features.

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  • TEOSYAL® ULTRA DEEP is a gel made of reticulated hyaluronic acid, suitable for injection into the deep dermis. Use TEOSYAL® ULTRA DEEP to fill deep wrinkles or resculpt facial contours.

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