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Addressing the Jawline with Dermal Fillers
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The buzz around jawline filler is increasing and spreading fast. Well-defined, sculpted jawlines seem to be popping up everywhere these days. From film celebrities to Instagram influencers, it’s hard not to notice these chiseled features, on both male and female personalities.

If you find yourself envying this look but think achieving a contoured jawline is simply not possible for you, don’t give up hope just yet! These days, experienced aesthetic physicians can utilize dermal fillers for more than just creating voluminous lips and augmenting cheekbones. There are actually dermal filler formulations that are perfect for defining the jawline!

Because this particular treatment seems to be one of the lesser known options in cosmetic medicine, let’s take a look at how today’s dermal fillers can actually help patients get that chiseled jawline they’ve always longed for.

Who is the ideal candidate for jawline filler?

Jawline dermal filler treatment is perfect for anyone wanting an elongated or “snatched” (tight and well defined) look in their lower face. Filler is ideal for a person who has lost volume along the jawline or even chin area over the years.

Note: for a patient that has heaviness or laxity in their lower face, other treatments such as Sculptra is likely more appropriate. For more information on Sculptra, check out our article How Does Sculptra Work?

What products are typically used for jawline filler?

The fillers that work best for jawline augmentation are more firm and robust than those fillers used to address fine lines. Restylane Lyft, Juvederm Voluma, or Radiesse are great products for the jawline and chin. When injected, these dermal fillers will help compensate for the lack of bone or muscle, making the skin tauter and adding that distinct jaw edge.

How long does a typical jawline filler treatment take?

Jawline dermal filler procedures will take about 40 minutes, in a simple in-office procedure. If other treatments are added, such as addressing fine lines or boosting the lips, plan to set aside an hour.

How is a jawline filler treatment performed?

The specific treatment approach will depend on each patient’s individual anatomy. For instance, if the patient is lacking volume in the chin, your doctor would probably use a deep needle injection with filler to replace volume. But for adding definition along the jawline, your injector may opt for using a cannula (a long, blunt, and flexible needle) to carefully disperse the product.

Is any anesthesia required?

No anesthesia is required – the patient remains awake during the entire procedure. In fact, many fillers have lidocaine integrated into the formulation to make the procedure more comfortable. Your doctor may also use ice to further numb any minor pain or discomfort during and immediately after treatment.

How long will jawline filler results last?

This will depend on the exact product used and each individual patient’s physiology, but results can last typically anywhere from 1 to 2 years.

Wrapping Up

Stronger jawlines are definitely in style – and not just for men anymore. For some women, using advanced makeup techniques to visually contour a sharper jawline is their chosen approach. But with today’s advanced dermal fillers, patients can take it up a notch with simple dermal filler treatments. Licensed medical practitioners can buy dermal fillers online at Health Supplies Plus.

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